Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December 12 of 31

Sean is now saying "this" but it sounds more like "dis"and pointing while he does it. The way he points is cute though. He puts his thumb with his middle finger, and extends his index finger. It's really cute. When he wants something, he points to it, and says "dis".... I think that's his next word people! I am so glad he's communicating more and more. It's actually very exciting.

He's also starting to actually walk. He can do up to 4 steps right now before falling over. He's doing good though - I think he'll be fully walking by his 1st birthday on the 28th of December. Or at least we have our hopes up that he'll be walking by then.

This afternoon my mother came over to play with Sean while I worked on writing out 38 invitations for Sean's 1st birthday. We are holding it in January, since some family will be out of town in December for the winter break, so we decided January is a good time. I am definitely looking forward to his 1st birthday bash! I just need to address the envelopes, and then they invites will be going in the mail by the weekend.

This evening I picked up my photo order that I'd placed over the weekend, and I can't wait to go through my pictures tomorrow. I hadn't printed anything at all since photos dated June 30th. So I went through all my pictures and printed from July 1st - December 7th pretty much. It was 188 photos - (hard to choose!) and I made doubles on most of them, but a couple of made a ton of extra copies (the extra cute photos) so that I can give copies to my grandparents, in-laws, etc... I don't think anyone has an updated photo of Sean in months! (I've been bad - I know!)

I need to remember to print Jamie some wallet size photos - he keeps asking me to make him some for his wallet - I just am having issues with my color printer, so I will need to have the photolab do it. Must remember!

Tomorrow morning I'm registering Sean for daycare for next fall. I think I am also going to register him for 1 or 2 classes at the same place for some Mom & Tot classes, so that we have something to do starting in January until March (I think they're about 10 weeks). It should be fun, so I want to get his signed up for those as well, providing there are still spots left.

The yarn arrived today (late) for the December Sock Club kits. Canada post was supposed to deliver it yesterday, but it never showed up. The guy finally came this afternoon, while my mother was over watching Sean. The color is absolutely stunning - I am very happy with her work! I am in the progress of putting the kits together, and they'll be going out in the mail by the weekend, or over the weekend, I will get to the post office. You definitely will NOT be disappointed! I received the sample in the mail for January's sock club kit - and it's absolutely stunning. Mona Schmidt will be designing the pattern for the club kit. It's going to be an amazing kit - better sign up soon before spaces sell out! Treat yourself to a nice Xmas present - or give a gift of the kit to someone else!


Bertha said...

Ooh, he'll definitely be walking before his birthday! June started taking a couple unassisted steps last weekend and started walking short expanses yesterday, so it won't take long! It's so exciting!

K. said...

Ooooh! I can't wait to see him walk!!!!! I haven,t seen you in to long...we must remedy this situation, I'll bring cookies.

Tara said...

It IS pretty cute to hear Sean say "dis" with that great big grin on his face :)

g-girl said...

he says 'dis'? adorable. :) i'm sure he'll be walking soon enough! oh, i can't wait to see the january kit!