Saturday, December 29, 2007

December 29 of 31

Sean now has a 5th and 6th tooth. They must have cut the gums recently (he's been drooling a lot lately) and are now growing tall! They're still at the beginning stages of growing, but it's soo cool to see that he has more teeth! The tops ones (7th and 8th) will for sure cut the gums soon. He has pockets on his gums, I see them wanting to come out!

I got a notice in the mail yesterday, GST will be going down from 6% to 5% on Tuesday, January 1st, 2008. That's exciting! Last year it went from 7% to 6% - I like this annual decrease! Maybe they'll do it every year until it disappears!?? Wouldn't that be nice.

So, I have a question for you - my dear readers - Do I continue with my weekly shots with Sean when he turns the next week older, or do I just do monthly ones only? I will be doing my weekly pregnancy shots - those are fun for my own progress during the remainder of my pregnancy, but, now that Sean is a year old... what do you think? I haven't decided yet if I will continue with those - what's your opinion? Do you guys still want weekly shots of Sean?

Today we did a HUGE clean up around the house. Really - things are coming along in our new house. There are a few things left to do - and a few more boxes to unpack - but I got A LOT accomplished today. My office though - is the last thing that still has a lot of boxes. I have not finished unpacking my office yet. I'll get to it this week - I hope. It's also easier to do stuff like that when Jamie is home - so he can watch/play with Sean while I organize/clean. But I really like the way things are coming along here. Very happy with that.

This evening we went to Jamie's step-aunt & step-uncle's house for dinner, and then some people played poker, and some people played on the Wii, some on a playstation. I checked out the playstation, as they were doing Kareoke as well as a Quiz game called Buzz. It was SOOO much fun. Too bad they do not make it for the Wii... I am not really impressed with a lot of the Wii games (though I love bowling!) Too bad I don't have a Playstation 2 game machine. There seems to be some games that I'd love on there! It's not new technology anymore, maybe I can get a 2nd hand one? There are a bunch of games on there I'd love!

It was nice to see the family tonight. Jamie played poker and came in 1st place in the first game. He played both games (tournament style). I watched Sean and played some playstation, and knit on Jamie's Cabled Socks. I've completely turned the heel - so I am hoping to finish the sock before the end of 2007... I think it can be done! (I'm hoping so anyhow!) I guess it's asking too much to finish my thrummed mittens too before 2007? (Yeah, definitely asking too much - that's for sure!) Progress photos tomorrow.


Amy said...

I think weekly shots are great. I mean - while he's still so young and you get so many great kid moments. I'm all for keeping it weekly.

Anonymous said...

I also think weekly shots are great. I think as long as he sits still, go for it. I've been wanting that buzz game (thanks for reminding me of it). Shame I just bought Guitar Hero 3 last week.

Shelley said...

I like the weekly shots too. Happy belated birthday to Sean!!

Caroline said...

I think there can never be too many Sean pics!

And if you want new games for the Wii, I suggest Guitar Hero 3 and Mario Galaxy. I have them both and they're lots of fun.

g-girl said...

oh you've got to continue with the weekly shots of sean! :) we've all grown so used to them! i haven't been all that impressed with the wii games myself. you can get gamecube games for it though.

Tara said...

OK, first off (since I couldn't post a comment on Sean's birthday pics): that shot of him having a sugar-high moment with his cake is absolutely hilarious. I chuckle every time I look at it. Regarding the weekly shots: I stopped counting Emilie's age in weeks when she was about 2 months old! Sean pictures are great anytime, they don't have to be calculated according to his age, you know?