Monday, December 24, 2007

15 Weeks Pregnant {Baby Number 2}

No real belly growth since last week, I'm 15 weeks pregnant - and today was really busy so I didn't get a chance to take a belly shot this week - perhaps I'll take one tomorrow. But I will tell you about my day.

My sister was supposed to come babysit Sean this afternoon, so that I could go to Pre-Natal Aqua, as it was moved from the evening to the afternoon for this week & next, but she got sick (Feel better soon sis!) so I dropped Sean off at my parents house instead.

It felt great to get into the water. I am glad that our aqua teacher was able to get some pool time this afternoon, as the pool is closed tonight for Xmas Eve & next week for New Years Eve. I have two weeks left on my membership to the Y in the city, so I am glad that I have the opportunity to take use two more weeks of my membership, especially for a class that I like (Pre-Natal Aqua). Plus, I get to take the class with a friend of mine who is pregnant, so it's nice. I felt great after getting out of the water today.

On my way home I stopped off and did an errand for my mother, and then came home and straightened my hair (which I find hard for me to do and managed to burn my index finger while doing so - OUCH!) Also - I finished wrapping my Xmas gifts, and got ready to leave the house.

We picked up Sean from my parents house, and went to Jamie's step-sister's house for Xmas Eve dinner. It was immediate family only, and very nice. We put all our presents under the tree, and we will be going back there tomorrow morning to see everyone and open presents. Sean was very excited by all the lights & the tree. Wait til you see the outfit I have for Sean to wear tomorrow!

Tonight Jamie & I watched The Simpsons Movie after putting Sean to bed. It was just alright. I worked on my mother-in-law's birthday scarf, which I hope to be able to give her tomorrow... it's just about done (which means I need to go finish working on it!)

As a treat to you all Robyn's Nest is having a Boxing Day Sale - EVERYTHING is 15% off(unless it's already discounted further). (Sock club kits are not included in sale). The sale is going on until January 2nd, 2008. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Bea said...

I always wonder when you talk about your pre-natal aqua classes if you will be able to find a class such as that near your new home?

Amelah said...

thanks! sorry i wanted to watch my nephew but i didnt want to get him sick!!
cant wait to see him in his santa outfit! i love this kid!!!