Tuesday, December 04, 2007

December 4 of 31

Today I decided that I could just NOT stay home. I've been feeling couped up lately, even though I've not been in the house for days or anything. I decided to go do some errands. First I went to the grocery store and got rid of all the cans for recycling, the grocery store gives you cash back for the cans when you bring them back). Jamie was getting fed up that the garbage bag of them became two garbage bags of cans and bottles, and it was time to bring them back. I also needed some groceries, so I picked up everything on my list.

After the grocery store, I headed to the Canada Service building, so I could get Sean his Social Insurance Number. I needed him to get one so that I could get Sean an RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan). Otherwise, he need not have a SIN until he starts working one day. I thought I'd have to fill out an application form, have them check our ID and then mail it off and wait for the card in the mail which used to take 6-8 weeks. But that's not how it works. They actually give you a number right away, so that you can start using it, if you need. The entire process took about 5 minutes, including standing in line to tell the receptionist at information what I wanted to do and ask if I was in the right place.

Next stop I went to Zellers, where I picked up a few items for myself, Sean and for holiday gifts. I love the HBC stores. I always find great ideas/gifts. I picked up a present for Jakob, since Jenn invited me over after I was done, as she had a Chanukah present for Sean.
Sean got a Chanukah present from Jakob (and Jenn & her husband) today:

Little Tikes Handle Haulers Andy the Airplane


Little Tikes Handle Haulers Coal the Choo Choo

They are really neat. You can even open up the train and airplane to store stuff inside. Thank you very much Jakob! Sean just recently started pushing cars and vehicles around, like you are supposed to play with them, so he likes this very much.

Our gift to Jakob was a sled. This is such a cute picture of Sean & Jakob. Looks like Sean is massaging Jakob's shoulders! Jenn had asked me to check to see if Zellers had any of them in stock while there, as her husband asked her to pick one up. Since I hadn't started my holiday shopping yet (bad bad Robyn), I decided to start it today, and pick up the Sled for Jakob. I also picked up a Sled for Sean. All I need now is to find a pair of snow pants for Sean. His winter jacket which my parents got for him at the Tommy Hilfiger store in New York, didn't come with snow pants. I didn't realize how hard it was to find 12-18 month size snow pants. I checked a few places out today, and already have checked a few places in the last week or so (including Walmart that doesn't sell just snow pants in that size). Tomorrow I'm going to check Winners and The Children's Place at the local mall. I really want to take Sean sledding on Thursday, but I need to find him snow pants first. The local mall also has kiosks with Children's clothing all throughout the mall, so I will hopefully be able to find something. I've even checked Craigslist, and ebay. There are some options on ebay, should I not be able to find tomorrow. I'm already watching some auctions. Next winter - I get him a set - not a jacket alone!

I am the master of finding good deals. Well, today, while I was in Maxi & Cie, I went specifically for whole wheat hot dog buns, and while there - I decided to check out the kids clothing department. I also had to pick up size 4 huggies, as Sean is no longer fitting into size 3 (which is 16-22 lbs, and He's 22 and a half pounds now. Anyhow, he's been leaking through the size 3's, so it was about time. It's still more economical to buy Huggies at Costco, but I was in a bind - and needed them now. Plus I'm still waiting for my Amex to come in the mail, the one that I applied for when I got my Costco membership last week. Anyhow, back to my good deal:

I picked up this cute little 12-18 month size pair of PJ's for Sean today for only .94 cents. You see, in Quebec, you are guaranteed Price Protection. The original price of this Joe outfit was 18$. There was a ticket on the outfit, that it was on sale for 10.94$. But, when I got to the register, it scanned in for 13.94$. So because it scanned in at a higher price than what the ticket said, you can open your mouth, and I did. So, the girl has to remove the 13.94$, and put in 10.94$ and then this is where the price protection comes in. If the item is less than 10$ - you get the item for free. If the item is more than 10$ you get 10$ off your item. So, 10.94$ minus the 10$ is a whole whopping .94 cents for this totally cute set of PJ's that came with little booties for Sean. Am I the Queen of getting good deals?? I think so! I won't complain!

On Sunday I got cracking on my yarn room. It's coming along mighty fine! I cleaned all the shelves first, and lined them with paper, and filled up each cubby with yarn. There is still some empty cubbies, and there is still some yarn to go into those empty cubbies, but I only got so much done so far. Though, it's looking fabulous! I do have to say so myself.

Here is a close-up of some of the yarn I have for sale. Doesn't it just look delecious?? I am open to Montreal knitters to come see the yarn room if they're interested in looking at the yarn before purchasing - so email me for further information on that - or leave a comment! That was the whole point of setting up the yarn room. After putting in all my inventory, there will be no room for my personal stash - so I'm going to have to come up with something for that. (Since my personal stash is still packed from the move. Eventually it will come out again, to be petted!

The recipe I made for dinner last night was Easy Chicken and Broccoli Divan. You can easily find it on the web, at the link I just provided, or on the side of the CAMPBELL'S Condensed Cream of Broccoli Soup can.

Tomorrow Sean & I are running more errands, and going to see Bee Movie for the Mom & Baby movie tomorrow. Tomorrow night, I'm going to Knit Night, and looking forward to it!

To all those celebrating Chanukah - HAPPY CHANUKAH! We forgot to light the candles before Sean went to sleep tonight, but we'll definitely do them tomorrow night before I leave to knit night. I also am a bad girl, and need to polish my menorah. It tarnished from last year, so I wasn't taking pictures tonight. Pictures of Sean's first Chanukah coming soon. I also plan on making Potato Latkes in the next few days... I've never made them from scratch before, I'm definitely looking forward to it.


AliP said...

OOooooh Latkes!!!! Yummy!

Tara said...

Happy Chanukah! (I'm Catholic, but still). Great yarn room (soooo jealous, even if it's not for your personal stash). And I did the EXACT same thing with Maxime yesterday (got his SIN to set up a RESP). Too weird.

Kimber said...

Happy Chanukah!
What a surprise to find out you are further along than you thought! It will be so neat to see when we give birth - my daughter came 10 days early and no woman, back to my great great grandma, in my family has ever been over due so there is a possibility we will both have June babies!
We might have a few ideas for boys names but are stuck on girls names. Well, mid February we get our next u/s as per the doctor and we are also going to go and pay for a 3D u/s so either way we will know if it's pink or blue and then we can eliminate 50% of our choices! Are you going to find out the sex of the baby?

Anonymous said...

I found with my children that the snow pants would usually fit for two years, if I bought them a little big. Go ahead and try on the next size larger on him. If they are roomy but he can still wear them go ahead and get them. If it comes as a set, then you will have next years coat too. If you just find the pants, don't worry about them matching his coat. I never worried about that.

Hope you find them.


Jofrog said...

Yesterday was Kaya's first birthday and the first night of Chanukkah. We all lit the candles together and then had latkes for her birthday dinner. Yum! Last year she was a newborn for Channukah, and this year she's a big one year old!

Anonymous said...

Happy Chanukah to you! I really like the way you got your store yarn set up!

g-girl said...

sean's gifts from jakob look so cool! and that sled-I'm jealous! lol. ;) wow, the yarn room looks good. i'm sure you'll think of something regarding your personal stash!