Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Lovely Refund = Yarn

I received in the mail today, my Sassy Photo Books called Who Loves Baby. Basically it's a book that holds family photos - that is child safe. I ordered them not too long ago off ebay. First off, I thought they were material - they're plastic.. and second, the image in the ebay auction shows that they have blue handles (I have a baby boy) and I was sent PINK handles. Anyhow, for my own curiosity (not that I really cared that they were pink - or rather magenta) I emailed the seller. This is the response I got:

I am so sorry - I have sold many, many of these books and this is the first time that I noticed the manufacturers picture doesn't match the actual product. If is definitely my responsibility to make sure they match and I apologize I missed it. I am going to change my listing to note the difference and I am sending you a full refund because I realize you may or may not have purchased these if you knew the handles weren't blue. Once again I apologize, and I truly thank you for bringing it to my attention. Sincerely, Rochelle

Uhm, ok...? So little did I know, the refund was already in my paypal account. Now... what am I to do with this refund?? (And money from a recent Etsy sale?!) I went shopping for yarn on ebay - but of course! I have been eyeing these two Lorna's Laces colorways:

Baltic Sea

I also got my Happy Valley (but in a different yarn weight) from Patty from the SP9 Final Contest I won. I haven't figured out what I'm going to knit with it yet, though.

As I type this, Montreal is in OVERTIME with Pittsburg 4-4. Holy crap! I totally thought we'd lose this one (No offence to our boys), but playing against the great Crosby (SID THE KID!) I didn't think we'd have it in the bag... I'm praying right now for an OT score or even winning in a shootout.... Let's go les boys!

Today I finished the last of my thank you cards from Sean's Brith Milah. I had almost 60 to write, and they are finally done. Half have already been mailed, and the other half are being mailed tomorrow. I finally got a chance this evening while Sean was sleeping to write them.

Bad news... well, sort of. The breastfeeding gig is up. It's not working out. It seems like Sean is latching properly, from what I see, but in reality, he's not. I know this, because he's not eating properly when on my breast. Proper eating would result in regular bowel movements. He's had regular bowel movements for every single breastmilk bottle (and a formula bottle here and there) up until I put him back on the boob. The first 24 hours he was back on the boob, not a single bowel movement. Going on 36 hours I got worried, as I mentioned in a previous post. So in the middle of the night last night, I did the thermometer trick that the hospital had given me the first week I was home from the hospital (and called with a worry of lack of bowel movement, and I found out that I wasn't nursing properly, so he wasn't eating well) and pushed the thermometer with vasaline into his little tush... anyhow, within seconds, it oozed out like as if I were squeezing a toothpaste tube. And it kept coming out for a few minutes. I think Sean felt better immediately. Then... no bowel movements all day today since then. After that, late this afternoon I tried again with the thermometer, and a little bit more oozed out in the same way, and I put the diaper on right away, and that diaper when I checked later, had the same consistancy of poop. That is when I decided that I will pump and put Sean back on breastmilk in a bottle only. With the occasional bottle of formula. (Middle of the night, or when I don't have enough time to pump and the little man is hungry... now!) This way I know he's eating enough, and not giving me "hickey's" on my boob. (I got so frustrated during one feeding today, that he was sucking in the wrong spot - and boy does that hurt!!)

As I said before, in a previous post, I don't care how Sean's getting the breast milk - as long as he's getting it. So, I guess breastfeeding the "normal" way, isn't for me. I tried. I really did. I gave it 2 full days. And I realized that it just isn't my thing. And I'll pump as long as I can. As long as my milk supply is willing to come in.

So, the Habs lost 5-4 in a shootout - c'est la vie. Good game though... I guess we can't win against Sid the Kid Crosby!


Jofrog said...

What a bummer! Whatever works best for Sean AND you is what's best. It's only one year out of many many many to come. You'll get through it however you best can.

Drea said...

weird abt the ebay noy even sure what color calebs book like that is haha... i dont pay attention to a lot of things these days ;-)

i hate that the nursing was hurting but that does mean he really wasnt latching right... because it shouldnt hurt.

good for you for trying so long. sean will be just fine on formula.. mu kids have done great.

Drea said...

4give typos im typing with 1 hand