Monday, February 26, 2007

February 26 of 28

Let me tell you about my day. My mom came with me to Sean's doctor's appointment. But first we went for lunch at the mall near by and after eating, and feeding Sean - we had some time to kill, so I got my eyebrows waxed. (Why do I always feel like a brand new person after having my eyebrows done?) And then we headed off to the doctor's appointment for Sean's 2 month check up.

We checked in. We waited. Sean got bored of being in his carrier. I took him out. He cooed a a little girl in the waiting room. I went over to the receptionist, and asked her if she was the one I spoke to on the phone in January before his first appointment, asking her that if she was the one who told me that her mother's maiden name was the same as Sean's last name. (Sean goes by my husband's last name, which I don't - because in Quebec, if you marry (since 1981) you do NOT take your husband's name (only you can go by it socially if you want) because of the high rate of divorce, they don't want to do the legal work of changing your name. You can't even PAY to change your last name to your hubby's name). (If I wanted to take Jamie's last name, we'd have to move to Ontario or another province for a year, change my name, then move back - which ain't happening, because we love Montreal way too much). Anyhow, she said yes it was her, and I asked her if her mother's name was Leona. She said yes. Turns out - that the receptionist is Jamie's 3rd cousin. (Her mother Leona is Jamie's dad's first cousin). So we started chit chatting, and what a small world it is. This is a good thing for me, since now I have the "IN" at the doctor's office. Favors for getting seen right away, I'll just call and speak to her! I'm not complaining.

Anyhow, about an hour of waiting later, I went over and spoke to her again. (Oh, her name is Nadine by the way). Anyhow, I asked Nadine if it's usual for Dr. Jill (her first name) is usually late, because last time she saw us RIGHT away. Then Nadine realized that Dr. Jill wasn't even in yet, so she called her to find out what was going on. Turns out - Dr. Jill was on call, and was planning on coming in to see her patients, but she got stuck in an emergency and couldn't make it in.

So - we're waiting for a phone call tomorrow to see when we'll be seen again for Sean's 2 month check-up and his shots.

After leaving the doctor's office, we headed to Walmart - I exchanged Sean's bottle Sterilizer as it was defective, (the plate got burned) and picked up a few items I needed. Then we went to Toys R Us where I picked up a Diaper Champ for Sean's room. We were fed up with the Safety 1st Neat! Diaper Disposal System that doesn't work - and the garbage pale with the lid wasn't doing what it was supposed to do - keeping the smell in! So.... Diaper Champ it is - on recommendation from my friend Debra who just had baby Noah almost a month ago now!

I've got some interesting photos to share with you today.
First, do you remember Sean's little hands? All wrinkly with no meat?

Well, this boy has some strong hands that are starting to get adventurous and start grabbing everything he sees, or at least attempts to!

And do you remember this little 4 lbs 14 oz guy, who was photographed in this outfit upon leaving the hospital, because I was sure I was having a HUGE baby (not a baby at 5 lbs 5 oz at birth - who dropped 7.9% of his birth weight by the time he checked out of the hospital 33 hours after being born and this is the size outfits I brought to the hospital)?

Yeah, you see correctly. His feet go to the crotch area! The legs of the sleeper are completely 100% EMPTY!

Well, he fits into it now! 8 and a half weeks later, and soon he will not fit into it anymore! Really!

And last, we have a pic of Sean sleeping through all the errands today. This was taken in Walmart - gosh there's great lighting in Walmart for non-flash photography - LOL.

So I've been looking everywhere to download this cd - Chantal Chamandy - but can't find it online. Last night I checked it on and it was only $7.99 - so I figured I'd try downloading it first, but if I wasn't successful, that I'd order it. Well, since I can't find it - I decided today to go an order it. And now it's no longer $7.99 but $8.99. I don't get it?? How does this happen overnight? Weird! Anyhow, I keep seeing the commercial for this CD on the TV, and her music sounds good. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album! I'll let you know how it is!

I borrowed my mother's button collection to see if there was 2 buttons that were good for Sean's sweater that I'm knitting. Have you ever seen anyone with a button collection this LARGE? Especially for someone who doesn't have a sewing machine and doesn't knit? I'm jealous! She's got a great button collection! Now, I must dig through and try to find something for Sean's sweater!

Tonight I went to Post-Natal Aqua and there was a small class again, this time with myself, the instructor and 2 other faces, both new to me! One girl is 18 weeks pregnant with her first child, and the other is 26 weeks with her third girl. They both told me their name, and I didn't catch either of them. Not common names - that's for sure! It was a good class. I think I'm going to take a lesson with an instructor on how to handle Sean in the pool. I think it would be good to take 1 lesson, so I know what I'm doing. I really want to be able to take him into the pool!

Has anyone heard of this book by Ann Hood called The Knitting Circle? I'm curious to know if ti's any good?


Summer Engh said...

That sucks you had to wait for a hour and didn't even get seen. Bummer. Hopefully next time you go to the doctor it will be faster. Sean has grown alot. He looks like a handsome little guy.

Maggie said...

hooray for fat little hands! He looks GOOD!!

It does kinda suck about the dr's appointment. Couldn't you have seen another dr.?

Drea said...

hehe those photos are great! Hes really filled out, still a lil pnut ;-)
Caleb by this age was labeled "Sumo" he was so fat HAHA

g-girl said...

wow, sean's grown a lot in 8 and a half weeks. I can't believe he fits in that sleeper now! that's amazing. I can't believe you can't take Jamie's last name (unless you moved to Ontario for a year, etc). I learn something new almost everytime I read your blog! ;)very cool that you now have an in at the doctor's. :)

Jenny said...

I must say that not being able to take your husband's name is just about the silliest thing I ever heard! Quebec did that just to save paper processing?! Quel dommage...

Sean is getting so big now--it is funny to see those pictures of how tiny he was before and how he has really stretched out now!