Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February 6 of 28

Today is finally picture time! Some stuff that I've been wanting to post, some new stuff, and some stuff that I thought was cool! So here we go!

Today at Walmart I picked myself up a Yarn Guard. I've been wanting one for a while now (a knitting accessory, how could I resist?) And I've been eyeing it - and eyeing it - and finally today, I bought myself one. Wasn't expensive at all - $4.97. (I even picked up one for my SP10 pal - whomever she may be!)

And speaking of knitting - I finally photographed the progress of my Column of Leaves Scarf. Now, all I have to say, is that this is the HARDEST pattern I've ever done so far, and I'm VERY proud of myself!

I love this above photo of myself feeding Sean. It's just so beautiful. The bond between mother and child is just such a wonderful thing, and that is what is beautiful.

Eh, why not - me smiling!

Ah, and Sean smiling too! He just started smiling for the sake of smiling - and NOT because he's having gas! I can now tell the difference.

You see - as I was telling you - Sean likes "TUMMY TIME".... if only it wasn't a factor for SIDS, then I'd let him sleep on his stomach all the time...
Now, for some cool stuff...

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for pacifier covers - so that when travelling out of the house, I don't need to keep wasting ziploc bags... (I'm getting fed up with that!) So, today while out, I found these pacifier cases in white, blue & yellow & pink, but only picked up 2 blues & 1 white, and maybe 1 yellow, if I can remember correctly.

Then, I also found - as you can see the dark blue case on my baby carrier (this is my carrier that clicks into the stroller & into the car base). The blue case is also a pacifier holder, that can be attached to my carrier - so I don't lose the pacifier. (The toy on the carrier - the playgro - is a new toy Sean got as a gift from a friend of my father's - Sean loves the things that hang off it it!).

I also picked up today, two little baskets. You see, Jamie and I needed a system....

Blue is for clean pacifiers.

And white is for dirty pacifiers that need to be sterilized.

Next, I wanted to show this really cool memory board that I got a Walmart a few weeks back for Sean's room. (I bought a pink one for myself for my office). Anyhow, it's a fun board, that has ribbon on it - that you can use to hang photos! (As you can see - I need to fill it with pictures of family for Sean! Still a work in progress!)
Lastly, today, I'd like to show you some updated pictures of the Great Dane Pups. They are just toooooooo precious!

My fave picture is the one just above, of the pup lying upside down. It is just way too cute.

Tomorrow my grandmother is coming over to play with Sean so that I can cook. I bought the ingredients today for my meat sauce, and I need some time to do that. I also have some paper work to go over, and some phone calls to make, so she said she would come entertain Sean.

Oh, I called the Photography place that I got Sean's passport pictures done at (the ones that the passport office rejected) and they will give me a full refund, I just have to go to the passport office and get a letter stating that they are rejecting my pictures. So - that is another thing on my TO DO list for this week - to go stand in line at the passport office, and get that letter of rejection!) What annoyance - when you can CLEARLY see that they will be rejected - even if you are an idiot or not and don't work at a passport office! It's common knowledge! Common sense!

I also spoke to the Baie - who's own line is Market Square. They told me that my dishes are NOT under warranty - and that they cannot predict if the bowls or plates will heat up in the microwave, even though it says that they are Microwave & Dishwasher safe. Morons, if you ask me! Anyhow, I guess I just won't use them in the microwave. And now I know for next time, test out a set before keeping them if they heat up. My parents have just recently gotten new dishes, so we were given their old set (which I grew up eating on!) Anyhow, all I have to do is run them in the dishwasher, (they've been in boxes), and I have a set that WON'T heat up in the microwave.... now... I just need to find the time to do a dishwasher load! Maybe tomorrow while my grandmother is playing with Sean! (Can't call it watching anymore, this kid likes to be entertained, or he lets you know he's bored!)


g-girl said...

i've never seen a yarn guard before! and you found it @ Walmart?? I just might have to pop on over to one of the walmarts out here! your column of leaves scarf looks awesome! i love, love, love the sleeping pic of sean!!! the smiling one is great too but the sleeping one takes the cake. mother and child pics are nice too. :)sucks about the dishes, but @ least your parents gave you a new set.

Summer Engh said...

AWWW: Those pictures you took today are so cute. I always like pictures of sleeping babies, they look like little angels, don't they? I love the knitting you have done so far. Is it hard to cable knit? I have tried it but I can't get it. Any ideas? I would also like to say I love the picture of the pup laying on its back, so cute.

Barb said...

LOVE the yarn holder, was that in the craft section? never seen one before, it would be PERFECT to keep little hands away....LOL The scarf looks great, and what cute pics :)

K. said...

Sean looks bigger! Aren't those yarn "boxes" great?!? I love it, the yarn isn't just rolling around everywhere! How nice!

Jenny said...

Damn, those pups are cute--hard to believe how huge they will be when they grow up!