Monday, February 05, 2007

February 5 of 28

Today my cousin Jenn came over after an apointment she had near my house, and spent some time with me. It was nice just to talk for a few hours (feeding, changing & cuddling Sean in the meantime).

After Jenn left, I had to go run out to the post office, I HAD to mail my Record of Employment, so that the QPIP (Quebec Parental Insurance Plan) doesn't reclaim the money that they've already paid me and that I can continue to get paid - so that I can continue to buy diapers and formula, and more diapers oh and even more diapers! I also had to buy more diapers, and took care of that.

This evening I made it to Post Natal Aqua, and there was just myself & Marie (who is due in about 2 weeks). My friend Debra wasn't there this week, because I just learned that she gave birth on Wednesday to a beautiful baby boy named Noah. I can't wait for her to send me pictures of him. Sean now has a friend to go on park dates with this summer (and I have a stroller walking buddy!) Sean is exactly 5 weeks older than Noah.

So Sean likes to sleep on his stomach. He falls asleep sooo easily on his stomach, either lying on my chest, while I'm lying down (or his daddy is lying down), or we sometimes put him down on his stomach, but NEVER UNATTENDED! (We're always there when he's on his stomach - as we're aware of what SIDS is...). What is funny - is that 25+ years ago, it was OKAY to put a baby down on their stomach - that was what was done. I was a stomach sleeper (and still am to this day!), so perhaps Sean takes after his mommy. He just loves loves loves tummy time!

I'm trying to get into a groove with Sean, and we're learning each other, more and more each day. Things keep getting easier, and having Jamie help me out when he can (and is not working) obviously makes things a lot easier!

Sean's tear ducts are starting to form. (Which usually happens at 1 month old!) His eyes now get watery when crying, but they aren't 100% tears yet. Any day now! My little boy is starting with a lot of firsts.

Another change around here - Sean's on Nipple number 2 of the Avent system. No longer on the newborn 1 hole nipple, he's now on stage 2 - 2 holes for 1 month +. I am really happy with the Avent system (and nipples). And whether or not I am able to breastfeed my future children or not, I will still use the Avent system for feeding them breastmilk or formula.

The Lorna's Laces (Daffodil & Baltic Sea) that I ordered on February 1st came today. Boy that was fast. Need to finish knitting my married socks and my Woven Trellis Scarf, as well as my Column of Leaves Scarf before I start any new projects.... so it may be a while before I get to this yarn, but I will! I promise!


K. said...

I think the tummy sleeping thing is like drinking (moderately) while pregnant. It used to be okay for women to do so (still is in Europe) and now, uber-taboo! Anyhow, I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! Finally I get to see my man! LOL

g-girl said...

yay for having a stroller walking buddy and a future date for the park this coming summer! my niece is on the avent system too. I had no idea that the nipples came in stages!