Tuesday, February 13, 2007

February 13 of 28

In series with "Sean's Cool Bibs" (Is what I'm calling it) - I've been snapping photos of Sean in his cool bibs! Here is one of my favourites! (He's been a Habs fan since BEFORE he was even born!)

Today I took care of some errands - had to exchange Sean's Cd player, it started freezing on us after playing the first few songs of a cd. Not cool. Sean likes his Seseme Street (Curtosey of my SP8 pal that I was spoling Lindsay) during diaper change time! I had to exchange it for another one, hopefully this time it won't crap out on us. If it does - that's the end of that brand!

Tonight Jamie decided to cook me my Valentine's Day dinner - instead of tomorrow night, where he has to work til 5-5:30pm, and then come home and then prepare dinner. Tonight it was more relaxed, since he works from home on Tuesdays. He cooked me stir fry (which he was actually supposed to make me as a birthday dinnner back in June, but NEVER made it for me - so I joked tonight and said "thanks for my birthday dinner, I guess I'll get V-day dinner sometime by Xmas this year?" He laughed. Eh, it doesn't bother me. I was supposed to take him out for dinner for his birthday this year to our favourite restaurant, and well, that never happened, because I was well into my last month of pregnancy, and was just very tired.

So our mailman has been very lazy lately, and I think he's been sleeping in. He usually delivers our mail by 10 am - but lately it went to delivery by noon - and now.... get this... delivery by 3pm! What's up with that? If it lasts more than 2 weeks, maybe our guy either a) got fired, or b) is on vacation? I guess I'll find out the next time a small package comes my way, and he has to ring the bell. (Big deliveries come by truck).

I was recommended 2 books, on parenting, so I succumbed and purchased them via Amazon.ca. They are:

- Blessing Of A Skinned Knee by Wendy Mogel (Judaic teachings on parenting - in a different light). I'm not religious, but I've been recommended this book by someone who isn't even Jewish!
- Kids Are Worth It!: Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline by Barbara Coloroso

The first book was recommended by my Post-Natal Aqua teacher and the 2nd was recommended by Marie - who is in my pre-post-natal aqua class, who is due this Friday. I'll let you know how the books are.

I'm also debating whether or not to get The Secret, but I want to watch the video I have first - before buying anything.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with my mom at Costco - I haven't been there in a long time, and I know it's going to take us over an hour, so I think I'm going to wear Sean while there, so that it's easier to shop! I'd rather have him on me, than in the carrier all bundled up - for over an hour. So many things I want to get there, and I'm sure there are so many OTHER things that I will get there that are NOT on my list! Gotta love Costco!

So it's been over 24 hours, I have NOT pumped. This morning was horrid. I was in SOOO much pain. Advil helped me on that. I felt so much better after. I have not been able to find Sage tea - which apparently has something in it that stops milk production. Maybe that will work? I'm feeling a lot better about my situation and not being able to continue with pumping and breastfeeding - but that's okay. Maybe next time. There's always next time!


big_girlfeet said...

happy valentines day!
& ps... you can watch the secret for free online, just google it, it comes up on google video or there's a link on the wikipedia page about it at the ottom under external links.

Maggie said...

I don't know why, but putting cabbage leaves in your bra will help dry up your milk. My sister did it and a nurse told me about it too.

Lindsay said...

Although I haven't read any parenting books, but Barbara Coloroso does some great work (writing/speaking) about bullying at school.


Indie Mama said...

congrats on getting through so many weeks of breastfeeding! i remember those days, and that's no small feat...and like you said, there's always next time! = )