Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 25 of 28

Houston - we have a pocket!

Here is the front of the sweater before the pocket was put on,
but the binding off of the pocket are already done:
And here it is after the white pocket lining is knit on:

This was my very first pocket. It was super exciting!
Now I have to get the front to 7 inches, do my decreases,
and then all I have left are the sleeves!
This has been a REALLY super fast knit as well!
I started the sweater on Friday I think it was, and it'll be done in a day or two!

Took this picture of Sean tonight at my parents house. We went over for dinner, and we ordered for pick-up. My father picked it up, got home, it was missing a meal, an order of French fries and my panini which was ordered straight off their menu, not altering what I wanted in it - was missing the key ingredient! It was a veal panini with provolone cheese and zucchini. No zucchini in it when my dad got home! So he called up and complained. Who does that? I ordered right off the menu - and it lacks ingredients. Also - my dad said that while he was there, there was only 3 people at 1 table so it's not as if they were super busy and they screwed up because there was a lot going on. The chef had NOTHING else to do! The sandwich was pretty good, but I will never eat there again or order for pick-up from there again.

I watched a bit of the Oscars and now I'm surfing the web doing some research for a project that I'm looking into. Tomorrow is Sean's two month check up and he's getting his shots. His 2 month shots - don't really know what they are for right now, but they're marked down upstairs. Jamie and I took bets for Sean's weight - can't wait to know what he weighs now! I've guessed 8 lbs 6 oz and Jamie's guessed 8 lbs 4 oz. We'll see what happens tomorrow! (What's scary is that he's 2 months old weighing approx. this - and most baby COME OUT weighing this weight that he's at now!) I've got children's Tempra on hand, because some babies get fever after getting shots. I hope Sean is okay. I feel for him! I hate getting shots as well. I also hope that he DOES NOT pee all over the table at the doc's office like he did at his almost 1 month check-up.

I didn't make it to Yoga this morning. I really wanted some extra shut-eye. (Which felt great by the way, but I'm still not caught up on 8 weeks worth of sleep!)

Secret Pal 10 signups close on Wednesday - I'm very excited for another round of swapping knitting stuff! I hope I get someone really awesome this time, as last round I was kinda neglected until the end! (Thank goodness for Angels right? Shelley - you rock!)


Barb said...

Can't wait too see the finished sweater :) Good luck with the shots tomorow, I'm going too ell you something no-one told ME with Megan and I wish they did, I would have been more will probably cry, the nurse told me most first time mommy's do, if you want too know why email me and i'll tell you what your going too have too do, it pushed me over the edge, with Les I knew what too expect and was fine after that 1st one :) Don't worry it's nothing horrible :) :)

a friend to knit with said...

how fun! a pocket! can't wait to see it finished! hope the shots went well.........

Summer Engh said...

I also can't wait to see the finished project. I remember when my kids went to get their first shot. I think it was for "chicken Pox.Polio and something else. I hope everything goes good today.

g-girl said...

that is a cute pic of sean (even though you can't see his face!). that sucks about the take-out you guys weird of them to leave out one of the main ingredients!! the sweater seems to be coming along..i can't wait to see it on him! ;)

Jennifer said...

OMG First of all the sweater looks fantastic! A pocket! Thats a knitting milestone! Let's see, you've conquored socks, pockets, you've done a sweater, lace, cables, double pointed needles...what's next? Intarsia? Fair Isle? You're a rocking knitter!
And I love the photo of doesn't look like the same baby you brought home now that he's all filled out, now he looks like a real chubby little baby instead of a wise old man. I hope it went well at the doctor today!

Jenny said...

Wow you are just cruising along on that sweater! I just love that pattern and I bet it will look so cute on Sean!