Monday, February 19, 2007

February 19 of 28

Today while watching the shows Neat & then Mission: Organization on HGTV, got me into the mood to do a huge spring cleaning & purge in my cabinet in my office. By the end of the afternoon, I had gone through all my pre-pregnancy clothes as well that were being stored, and between my office cabinet and my clothes - I had three bags for donation & 1 bag for garbage. It's UNREAL the stuff that gets accumulated over the years, even over just some short months. My office was spick & span clean upon moving it to the basement when we turned my office over into Sean's nursery back in October I think it was - and in just a few short months, I had collected even more junk! I kept things for art projects that I may one day get around to - and that is not good. A trick I learned also with clothes - is to turn ALL your hangers in your closet backywards. And then as you wear things, turn the hanger around. Check back a few months later, and anything that HAS NOT been turned - purge by either throwing out - or donating. What a brilliant trick!

So - as you can see I have now a blog set up for my 3rd ever stitch marker exchange. I was jonesing to do another one. The last one was so successful that I just had to have another one! Go sign up now! Trust me, it's fun!

Tonight I made it to post-natal aqua (I didn't get to go to Yoga yesterday because Jamie had somewhere he had to be, and anyhow, I was out cold on the couch napping with Sean the entire time he was away, so I don't know how awake I would have been for Yoga anyhow...!) and it felt great to be in the water! I love this class. It was semi-private this evening, it was just myself and this other girl, whose name I cannot ever recall. I can remember the name of the friend she used to come with - but not hers! I love being in the water! Oh, it feels great. I hope the Aqua is doing something for the weight loss. (My diet officially starts on March 1st, 2007).

I just camped out on the couch this evening with Sean and watched Hereos. 24 was on at the same time as Heroes tonight or something, so I taped it, and Jamie & I will watch it tomorrow night. I took another nap on the couch, and now it's time to go to bed.

Today I sold my Lateral Thigh Trainer. I bought it on the Shopping Channel Network website after seeing an infomercial - yes, I watch those sometimes, and well it sat in storage since we moved here from our old place - so that was enough reason to stop letting it collect dust, and let it go to someone who would use it. I listed it on Craigslist in the sporting section, and it was gone within 1 day! Picked up today! It's funny how many emails I got for it once it had already sold! To me, this machine is useless, doesn't really do much - but I guess one man's junk is another man's treasure, right? I'm not one for exercise equipment - that is why the aqua classes work great for me! No machinery required! And for Yoga - only a mat is required.

Speaking of Yoga mats - I know I saw in one of my books once a pattern to knit a Yoga Mat Bag. But now I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know any good ones online or in a book? (I googled them online, and couldn't seem to find much?) If anyone has any ideas - please let me know!


Bumbershootska said...

I made my yoga bag by making a rectangle as long as the mat is wide (I used a lace pattern that I liked and a cotton yarn); then I knit eyelets at the top (simple YOs), crocheted a chain for a drawstring, knit a ribbed strap long enough to carry it easily. The all you have to do is stitch the long side (make a tube to fit your mat into), gather the bottom stitches together, sew on your strap and voila! It doesn't get much easier than that (and you get to choose your favorite lace stitch, too)

Jennifer said...

There are some yoga mat bag patterns out there, one is in Amy Singer's (editor of book which I believe is called Knit Wit, but I don't know if the pattern is also listed at knitty for free. If you check the last month-ish of Yarn Harlot she was also knitting one, wait- I'll go check if she says where the pattern is from...yup, Knit Wit. I don't have the book but you can check the library...I'm pretty sure it's just a tube with a bottom and a strap though.

g-girl said...

that is a good trick regarding the hangers! as for a yoga bag pattern..I think there's one in the snb books. I can't remember where else I might've seen one. I was going to mention the knit wit pattern too!

Meredith said...

wow! i like that hanger trick! i've been trying to think of a way to mark clothes as 'unworn' so i could see if i really do not wear some of this stuff ;P everytime i clean out the closet i find so much that i've had since high school, and maybe haven't worn since ;)

i'm going to do that with my hangers after i move :D


K. said...

I think there's a pattern is in the S'n'B Nation book. I can't believe I missed Heroes yesterday....must find it online!!!!!!!!!!

lainehmann said...

Knit Wit has a pattern. So much of that book was regurgitated from that you can prbably find one there!

rmsdeese said...

The Spring 2007 issue of Knit.1 magazine has several yoga patterns, including a yoga mat bag.

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