Saturday, February 10, 2007

February 10 of 28

Today Jamie & I braved the unknown and took Sean out for lunch. We went to my favourite bagel shop, St. Viateur Bagel, and it was actually very nice. I was craving my Oh La La shake, and a traditional bagel.

This afternoon Jamie & I watched the movie The Departed, which was VERY good. I recommend it. It has a VERY good cast, and it was very well done.

This evening The Habs got creamed by the Ottawa Senators, and it was a horrifying game to watch. I turned the heel on Jamie's sock - photos will come tomorrow - I forgot to take pics today, and I just just turned the heel - so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for photos of the progress on the married socks.

Nothing else going on around here. Tomorrow, I think I am going to make it out to Yoga - my first time ever taking a Yoga class. I've tried Pilates at home infront of my TV & DVD player before, but never Yoga. I'm rather excited. We'll see what that holds for me. I don't know if I will be any good, or if I will like it.

So far, Jamie & I will be sticking with the Avent bottles - since we invested in them, and to be honest, there are downfalls to EVERY bottle out there - and every bottle works differently than the others and for each individual case. Thank you to EVERYONE who has given me advice and tips and whatnot! I really really appreciate it!

I'm going to go pump Sean's middle of the night feeding - Jamie's going to be getting up to do that one tonight so that maybe this overtired mama can get some sleep!

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Jenny said...

Sorry to hear about the Habs. Don't you hate it when your fav team just gets beat up!