Saturday, February 24, 2007

February 24 of 28

Today I've been working hard on the Baseball Tee Sweater for Sean. I know in a few days it'll be done and it'll probably even fit him now! I hope he at least gets to wear it for a month - that would be nice! I'm not really sure how long he'll stay in 3 month size, but for now, he's in 0-3 month size. I have the back completely done, and the pocket lining (in the white) done as well. I've now started knitting the front. I've got just over 2" of the front done, shown above on the needles. It's raglan style, and super easy. I'm still intimidated by sweaters, and if this works out, I'll be knitting a sweater for myself soon! (I have to finish my 2 scarves that I've started for myself, woven trellis & column of leaves, as well as the married socks, plus my sister wants a camera case like this one, and my father-in-law has requested a hat & scarf. I also have some other projects on my sidebar I think that have been started, and not yet finished. I gotta get some FO's - don't you think?

Today Jamie & I watched 2 movies, we watched Borat & The Prestige. Borat was a waste of an hour and 20 minutes, boy was it dumb - but funny at the same time, and The Prestige was well done, but I am still confused as to what was going on... I consider this to be a "time" piece (dating back to the late 1800's and early 1900's) and those types of movies are generally not my style. I found it a little slow for a 2 hour and 10 minute movie. The magic was really neat!

Well, I'm off to bed, as I have to feed Sean at his next feeding (Jamie's going to do the middle of the night one) so I can sleep. I'm going to try to get to Yoga tomorrow, I hope I'm not exhausted! I missed last week because Jamie had somewhere to be, so I hope that tomorrow I have the energy to go and relax in Yoga!

And that my friends - is all for today. Just a little update before I go - we're at 12 participants so far in my stitch marker swap - so hurry up and sign up! It's going to be fun! Sign ups are going on until March 15th.


Summer Engh said...

That sweater looks great. You sure have been busy knitting. I can't wait to see the finished project.

Barb said...

Can't wait too see the sweater finished, I was thinking of renting The Prestige today LOL that's funny you mentioned it :)

mommaofone_07 said...

I loved The Prestige, but can understand how it is confusing, especially because of all the flashbacks. The sweater looks great so far.

g-girl said...

borat seems like it would be a dumb movie--I'm sure you got a lot of knitting done while you were watching it though. ;) you know, baby sweaters seem easier (to me) than adult sweaters--less stitches!