Saturday, February 03, 2007

February 3 of 28

Right now, my throat is killing me. I really hope that I'm not coming down with something. Even Sean tonight is being VERY fussy - the first time he's ever been in a mood like this. And I've tried taking his temperature - but he was screaming, so since it was borderline, I gave him a little bit of infant tempra (like tylenol). This is the first time he's ever been this fussy!! He keeps eating though - but I'm afraid to give him too much to eat - for fear of him spitting most of it back up (which happened the other day when his eyes were bigger than his stomach!)

Today I dressed Sean in another onesie that I "made" for him. (Made meaning printed a graphic "design" on iron-on's and transfered it to the onesie. Didn't made the onesie from scratch):

This one reads: "I only cry when ugly people hold me". And he's even demonstrating his "cry" face - even though he's laying down in this photo!

Today I had the pleasure of having a cleaning lady. I did end up helping her out a LOT but we got a LOT done, and I am super happy with how sparkling clean my house is! I still have a few last things to fix up before the "party" tomorrow (more about that tomorrow - because I need to explain the reason behind this "party" in great detail - but I don't feel like describing what a Pidyan Haben is - until tomorrow that is).

I think I'm going to see if my mom's housekeeper's friend wants to come every month or so and clean up my house. She told me she has a full work load, but there is always cancellations, I'm sure.

It feels good though, to be in a sparkling clean place.

Today I'm listening to: Daniel Powster's Bad Day. What a good song! I heard it on TV the other day just after he was being interviewed, and what a great song! If you haven't heard this song, you must go listen to it!

I just got a notice of suspension from the government of Quebec for my maternity leave - seems as though I forgot to send in my ROE (Record of Employment). Silly me thought that my work was sending it to the QPIP (Quebec Parental Insurance Plan) but then again - why would they? It's not them going on maternity leave, and this is a new program - it's no longer associated with Employment Insurance - or Unemployment Insurance either. Grrrr. I have 10 days to mail it in for anything to happen. It's already addressed and sealed in an envelope, stamped too! It's going out tomorrow - so that it's in the mail first thing Monday morning for the first pick-up of the week. I hope they get it on Tuesday, and then I hope that I still get paid this week. It would suck if there is any delay! Gosh - no where in the application process did it mention that I had to mail in my ROE! If they had marked it CLEARLY I would have totally done that over a month ago when I went on maternity leave! I found on their site where it mentions that I need to mail it in - but boy are they not clear!

God bless my Fisher Price swing. Sean's finally asleep. After about 4 hours of fussing, he's finally down for a few hours (crossing fingers - I hope!)

I'm going to see if I have honey, I want to make myself some tea for my sore throat. I really hope (crossing fingers again) that I am NOT coming down with something.


Barb said...

I LOVE that onsie, it's perfect :) are'nt those swings a blessing sometimes?? I hope you feel better

Maggie said...

I sooooo want one of those shirts!!

It sucks to be sick when you have a baby. Then again it'd be worse if you passed whatever you have to him. Then you'd both be sick and miserable at the same time and that's no fun.

Hooray for your sparkling clean house! I wish I could get a cleaning lady...or a painting crew...or really anything at all. You're so lucky!

Karine said...

"I only cry when ugly people hold me" LOL

Drea said...

You should start your own onesie business ;-) 2 cute!

Creative Genius? said...

You're too funny! I love making shirts too!! That's how I announced to my family that I was pregnant - I made them all shirts!

And BTW - I got a sore throat when Avi was a month old too - I was pretty sick actually but he was just fine - go figure

Feel better soon!

Maggie said...

i'm pretty sure that's the greatest onesie ever. i want one for myself :P