Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2 Months

Today, after getting my act together, I finally headed out the door to do some errands. I had some stuff to do before going to my parents house. I even managed to score myself a free outfit for Sean at Walmart. Here's why: In Quebec (I'm not sure about the rest of Canada), if an item scans wrong at the cash, and is higher than the amount it's priced at, you get 10$ off. If the item is less than 10$, you get the item for free. It's the Consumer Price Protection Law. Anyhow, the item in question was a two piece set - 6/9 month in size, a sweater and jeans. It was $9.87 regular price, but the tag was marked down to $3.07. (Weird amount, I know). Anyhow, so I mention it to the cashier, and to make a long story short, apparently the item was supposed to be $4 not $3.07, and I got it for free. I'm not complaining!

Anyhow, I also picked up some yarn today for my father-in-law's hat & scarf that he has requested. The one he is wearing now, he's been wearing for 30 years apparently (not religiously) but his mother made it (she has since passed on). Anyhow, he wants to put away the hat & scarf, and wants a new set! So I picked him up a charcoal grey color, the same color of yarn that I made Jamie's Irish Hiking Scarf. I'm thinking about doing the same pattern for my father-in-law, and make him an Irish Hiking Hat. I love the pattern. Anyhow, I picked him up (cough) acrylic yarn, because I know my in-laws and (cough) acrylic is the way to go. However, I picked up Red Heart Soft Touch, and it's actually pretty soft, and not too acrylic-y (which I HATE the feeling of).... Yes, I'm a yarn snob. But I just know that whatever I make has to be 100% machine washable, and so I thought that this would be perfect yarn. Plus I think wool is too scratchy for him. (Allergies or something). I picked up color 7936 which is a charcoal grey. I'll photograph it once I start his projects - which will be once I'm done with Sean's sweater, and my sister's camera case cozy (and I should finish the married socks already. Jamie's dying to wear his!)

On my way to my parents house I dropped off a gift to someone who just had a baby boy 8 days ago, and in the parcel was this shirt that I made an iron-on for:

"Hi, I'm new here." I just love it. I hope they like it too!

And here are some pictures from tonight:

Me, knitting, while watching the movie Dreamgirls. I was working on Sean's baseball sweater. I'm 3/4 done the front (the back is done) and then all I have to do is the sleeves. Getting there! Dreamgirls was EXCELLENT by the way, and the music was just FABULOUS!

I absolutely love this picture of my sister & I. We both look fantastic - I think! My hair was just straightened, and you can tell I'm slowly losing the baby weight! My face is starting to look back to normal! And I love my freshly waxed eyebrows, just love them!

Wow, I can't believe Sean is 2 months already! Happy Two Months Sweetie! I really do NOT know where time goes. Flies by, really! He's not sitting by himself, not yet, but we managed to snap this picture really fast before he started slouching in the chair. This rocking chair actually used to belong to my siblings & I when we were kids. It's probably almost as old as I am. There used to be a matching table with chairs, but those were unfortunately sold in a garage sale - which apparently is regretted today.

Sean's 2 month check up was postponned as you know, so it will be in a week from today. Since my mom can't come with me, and Jamie has to work, my grandmother will come keep me company, since she'll be back from Florida. It's not that I can't go alone, because I can go alone, I just don't want to. I don't have any reason as to why... I just want it that way. Moral support maybe? Or just to help me out as well, incase Sean reacts to the shots, and I just want someone there to help me with stuff, if I need to calm him down, etc. All good.

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g-girl said... you found some acrylic yarn you could work with? :) I picked up some red heart soft yarn myself the other day so you're not alone--plus the stuff's cheaper! nice that you scored a free outfit for sean. :) I have to say, your hair looks like it's getting longer. The pic of you knitting is great and so is the one of you and your sis. :)

Jenn said...

Free stuff rocks. Yep..we do it at shoppers drugmart (that where I work) here in hamilton, people go in search of wrong tags to get the price integrety.

Summer Engh said...

I agree. Free stuff is awesome to get. Love the pictures of Sean and you knitting, and the one of you and your sis.