Friday, February 09, 2007

February 9 of 28

I've been using Avent bottles - as I got a bunch with my manual breast pump. And I got some more, when I needed ones bigger than 125 ml (just over 4 oz) and had only 4 x 9 oz bottles. So I bought 3 more bottles that came with the 1 month plus nipples, and purchased 4 more 1 month plus nipples for the 4 bottles I had at home already. So, I've spent some money on the avent system. If you want to call it that... a system....

Now, I'm wondering if Sean is gassy because of these bottles, even though Avent swears that they are "the only bottle clinically shown to reduce colic". But isn't every company going to say they are the "only" or they are the "best"?

Reading up online, there are so many people who have had problems with leaky bottles. Now - is this attributed to their bottles only, or are there a lot more than just them, with this problem? I notice a bit of running with my bottles - but ONLY when I'm shaking to mix the formula. (I am supposed to shake - right? I don't have to just stir to mix - shaking mixes it best - right? Or am I doing something wrong?) When I pump breastmilk and he gets it - there is no shaking and mixing involved, so I haven't noticed anything really... yet.

Yesterday, visiting a friend of my sister's - she recommended (and swears by) the Playtex Advance system (known in the USA as Playtex VentAire - I am NOT sure why in Canada it's called something else - but I was only able to find an image online for VentAire). She says that this WILL reduce Sean's gassy-ness, and eliminate the bubbles that occur in the Avent bottles. Now, I know she has a child who is over a year old, and has been a mother longer than I have - but should I be taking advice from someone who doesn't know my baby?

The only downfall to the Advance system by Playtex - is the fact that you cannot apparently mix formula in them - you have to pre-mix and then transfer it into the bottle. Why should you have to dirty more cups than just the bottle is beyond me! So maybe this system isn't for me?

Has anyone else had any experiences with these bottles, or any others? What do you think? I picked up a package of Playtex Advance at Toys R Us yesterday, but they'll take it back, if it's unopened (plus I think Walmart is a few bucks cheaper, so I think I'm going to return them anyhow to Toys R Us - and if I have to - buy them at Walmart - if someone goes ahead and tells me that for sure they will be better for Sean than the Avent... I don't know what to think at this moment?

So, I've had a little bit of success with the Contact Nipple Shield by Medela. However - it says that you're supposed to remove the nipple shield into the breastfeeding session, and let the baby latch on. The few times I've tried to do this - Sean tries to spit my breast out. It's been a little frustrating. I'm wondering if I can continue to feed him on the breast, but with the Shield. I need to speak to his doctor when we got to his 2nd month checkup soon. My milk supply is not gone yet, (just diminished a little bit), but I'm hoping with the shield, and some practice, maybe it will come back more. Crossing my fingers. My left side seems to hurt a lot while using it - but my right side is okay. I'm even able to knit while Sean's nursing with the nipple shield. The shield to him is litle a bottle nipple, just has my body on the other side, instead of a bottle. We're doing half his feedings with that - and the rest of the day, we're giving him formula. I am okay with this - but I don't know how much longer I can take the pain on my left side. It only occurs when he's feeding. Not when pumping. I do want Sean to get as much breastmilk as possible, but I don't know why this is so frustrating? I hope it will get better, but I guess I won't sweat over it.

Speaking of knitting - I've been working on our "married socks". I have turned the heel on my sock and knit 12 rows after turning the heel - and on Jamie's sock - I'm just over half way of turning the heel. I've done the wrap & turn decreases, and I'm in the middle of doing the wrap & turn increases. I will finish turning the heel - I'll knit the 12 rows to catch up to the progress on my sock, and then I'll photograph it. That should be tomorrow. I'm sooo excited about this progress!! Really!

Sean has outgrown all his Newborn (Preemie) outfits - his legs are just too long for them. He's now wearing 0-3 months. Such an accompolishment - really! I can't believe how fast he's growing - it's really truly amazing. I still feel like giving birth to him was yesterday!

Here is my happy baby in his new Winnie The Pooh sleeper - it was a gift from Jamie's ex-co-workers. It's just adorable on him. (He didn't last long in it - his eyes were bigger than his stomach, and he spat up - okay, no - he threw up all over Jamie and himself about 2 hours after being put into this outfit. Jamie was feeding him, and then ... well ... you can picture the rest... formula all over Jamie & all over Sean! (He did that once to me - actually exactly a week ago!)

My dear son loves sleeping on his stomach. Here's a picture of him sleeping on his tummy - on the Boppy Pillow by Jolly Jumper. Oh do I wish that he didn't perfer his belly.

Something else on my mind lately - Water and Babies. I know he drinks water - but mixed with formula. When is it okay to give water to a baby, and how much of it? Someone I know gave her child water at just a month old - and she says it's okay for me to give Sean water. Is this the case? I looked it up in What To Expect the First Year, and it says NOT to give a newborn water. Not until their stomach can handle solid foods. So why is this mother telling me it's okay to give water to a newborn? What are your experiences with giving a baby water? Advice please! (She told me that if my baby is nursing too much for my liking to give him water... but "too much for my liking"? Sounds like someone who doesn't know what they are talking about?)


mommaofone said...

I used the platex advance with my child. It didn't help with her gas problem. The best bottle to help with the gas is to use the bag bottles, if I have another child, I will be using this. I mixed formula (liquid form) in the playtex bottles. Your bottles could be leaking because you're not pushing the nipple all the way in, or the nipple could be a little worn out. I used to boil my nipples/bottles and because of this the nipples would become more flimsy.

Barb said...

what a sweetie, getting so big :) I have an Avent bottle from part of a gift pack and noticed it did leak more than the Playtex, but once Leslie was better at taking a bottle it was'nt so bad anymore, I think those bottles are for slightly older babies in my opinion, the leaking was'nt as bad. I started giving both the girls water (and watered down apple juice as well) at the same time I started solids which was about 4 months each, I never thought too give it sooner :)

Indie Mama said...

I gave water at 4 months to my daughter, along with mushy solids. You'll get LOTS of advice, but you'll figure it out! = )

Maggie said...

I haven't given Oliver water yet, I think it let's them suck without filling up the tummy. Sometimes they just want to suck for comfort. However, drinking the water may make them want to eat less during the day and since water has no nutrional value I'd say wait until he's eating more real food.
As for the bottles, we like the "Evenflo Comfi" ones. They are the only ones we liked, and we've tried several. You can get them at Toys R Us or wal mart. They have that bend in them that's supposed to reduce the amount of air that baby swallows.

Drea said...

I own 3 avent bottles and they gave Taite gas. I dont intend to use them until he is older and can control his drinking better...
The best bottles Ive had so far are the Playtex dropins. The shape of the nipple and the flow is great. Taite leaked big time drinking from any other bottle... but he drinks out of these great. I also use the 1st years soothie bottles some. They arent as slow as the playtex ones though... but still not bad.

Avents are highly over rated though. And so darn expensive!

I have used 2 vent air playtex bottles (got them as gifts) and they worked alright. I didnt care for them that much though because it has to much to wash... an extra part in the end of the bottle that control the air. So annoying.
But I did mix formula in them all the time haha. You can.

Hope that helps! :-D
Check your nipple flow on your avent bottles as well. Some say stage 2 .. those are faster than stage 1 nipples

Creative Genius? said...

Hey babe - I use Dr. Brown bottles with Avi (when he gets breastmilk) and I am not 100% sure if it helps his gas or not. But my friend swears by them so that's what we use.

As for water - they told moms all the time years ago to give babies water (my mother gave it to me) but they don't do it anymore...

I haven't given Avi anything but breastmilk and this will continue for us until he is at least 6mo old (when he might get solids)

And for tummy sleeping - yeah Avi sleeps good then too - we let him nap on his tummy...since he can lift his head up and turn it when on his belly I don't worry - but not for night time.

Kimber said...

Hi! My name is Kimber and I am coming out of "lurkdome" on this one... My daughter had colic and gastric reflux for the first six months of her life. We didn't have much success with breast feeding her so my Mom bought us the Advent bottles to try. She still had a tough time with the spit up and colic so we tried the Playtex ones you posted about too because of their claims but with the same results. Nothing worked and then we plunked down our money for the Dr. Brown bottles. They have more pieces to deal with but her colic improved with the next feeding with these bottles! They might not be for everyone but I also swear by them! When we decide to have baby number two we will be stocked up with those.

BTW Sean is adorable!