Thursday, February 15, 2007

7 Weeks

Today I got Sean all packed up and we headed out to do some errands. First I picked up Kadi, and almost got stuck in snow in front of her house. Thank goodness I drive stick, I was able to get my car out of there no problem. Easier than with an automatic car.

First we headed to Mouliné, as I wanted to get a thrumming mitten kit! Svetlana the owner had promised me free yarn if Sean was born on her birthday - as it was a day or so after my due date. However, Sean was born in December, so that didn't work out!

I can't wait to start my thrummed mittens! This color is called Cosmic Dome. It's got nice shades of green!

I also HAD to spoil myself (a Valentine's Day gift to myself) - with this Jitterbug yarn by Colinette. The color ways are (left is Jay and right skein is Jewel). It's sock yarn, made in Wales. 100 g per skein, knitted on 3.25mm needles. It's 100% merino wool. It's superwash treated, but needs to be treated kindly. I feel in love with these two colorways. There are a lot of other beautiful colorways in her shop, but I couldn't purchase them all - obviously!

After visiting Mouliné, we went to Subways for lunch - where I enjoyed my craving of Chicken Teryaki in a whole wheat wrap. Very G.I. Diet orientated, minus the diet coke that I had with it. (However, when I did the G.I. diet in 2005 - I drank Diet Coke like a crazy woman!) Diet coke WAS allowed. So I am thinking, maybe to start - I can cut out all soda, but allow myself some diet coke on the weekends. It's the only soda I really drink. Oh - and the occasional orange crush, but that I CAN cut out 100% - I don't mind!

After lunch, I parted ways with Kadi. My next stop was Rockland shopping center. First I went to the Baie to the Clinique Counter, purchase some Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (the only stuff I use on my face - DAILY!) and got the bonus that is going on right now. I love bonus time at Clinique! It came with a VERY cute makeup bag - that will be used as a knitting accessory bag for me - (I don't really "DO" makeup!) However, I am going for a free makeup application on Friday, March 9th. Why not! Pamper myself! The bonus came with some eye make-up remover, mascara (did you know that once you start a mascara, you should replace it after 45 days due to bacteria that can infect your eyes?), 2 lipsticks that are TOTALLY my shade (not that I wear, but maybe I should start?) and 2 lotions - one is a body butter (that I use) and one is a sample size of the lotion I bought in order to get the bonus! Score! One for my purse! Travelling size!)

After hitting up Clinique, I went to Baby Gap. I got some stuff for Sean - all very cute stuff of course, and then headed back to my car.

Next stop - Old Navy. I picked up something for birthday packages I'm mailing a certain two friends whose birthdays are in February... and also did an exchange for Sean. I had picked up a yellow ADORABLE raincoat with the cutest buckles - but Jamie told me to get a bigger size, so he can wear it after he starts walking. Jamie said it's pointless to own for before that.... So I exchanged it for 12-18 month size, instead of the 6-12 month size I had picked up. (It was on sale!) Anyhow, not this spring, but next spring he should probably fit into it. April showers brings May flowers. Hopefully he'll get to be cute in a yellow rain jacket and matching yellow rain hat!!

After Old Navy, in the parking lot next door to Payless Shoe Source (in the same shopping mall) I sat in the backseat of my car, and fed a very hungry baby, and then changed a very dirty diaper, all on my lap - in the car. Never thought I would ever have to do this. But becase it was in the negative temperatures today, I had to do it in car, doors shut, heat on! That was definitely quite an experience!

At Payless I found a pair of winter boots (yeah, I'm a little late in the game, mid-winter, just buying boots now!) and for half price (buy 1 get 1 half price) I got the sexiest little black number, to wear to the wedding we have in March in New Jersey. I cannot find a picture online of them, so I'll have to photograph them soon! They are hot hot hot! And comfy! Ironically!

In series with "Sean's Bibs"... here is my new fave one - "Spit Happens". Doesn't my little man look really sexy in orange? I love bright colors - and this color is a color Jamie would NEVER wear!

And in relation to Sean's 7 weeks on planet earth - here is our Self-Portrait for the turn of the week! I like that my face is starting to lose weight - it's not as swollen as it was 7 weeks ago!

I can't believe Sean is going to be 2 months old in less than 2 weeks. Where does time go?? My little man is gaining weight beautifully, but not too quickly, and his chubby cheeks are VERY pinchable. Sean likes to have his feet played with while nude on the changing table, and has been smiling for real - not because he has gas! He even smiles sometimes when you're smiling at him - it's a very warming feeling, and it's great! Oh - my love for this little guy grows and grows each day!

I've starting my SP10 package for the person I'm spoiling - and SP10 doesn't start until March 15th. I have no idea yet whom I will be spoiling, but I've been finding some awesome stuff, and I can't wait for it to begin!

This evening I attended Deep End Aqua, and was very happy that it was a small crowd. The last time I attended Deep End Aqua a few weeks before giving birth, there was almost 20 of us in the class. Tonight, we were 6 of us. I got a very good workout, and felt great in the water! I am going to try to get to Deep End Aqua every Thursday night. It's just hard, that since Jamie works on Thursdays, I do the Wednesday night middle of the night feedings, and I'm usually zonked come dinner time. But I made it out tonight! I learned tonight that Marie gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday night. I had just seen her Monday night in Pre-Post-Natal Aqua class! One day before giving birth and she was in class! I can't wait to see pictures of her little one, and hear how her birth went. I'm also curious as to what she named her little guy. (She did NOT know the sex of her baby before giving birth! I do NOT know how she did it - I would not have been able to wait that long!)

Alright, I'm off to change a diaper, and feed my little man. Thank goodness Jamie's doing the middle of the night feeding tonight, I need some beauty sleep!


Barb said...

the new yarn loks yummy :), very pretty. Ahhhh the back of the car feedings and diaper changes LOL just wait until your driving and have too pull over too feed/change a screaming baby, fun fun fun LOL

Summer Engh said...

Wow! you had a very busy day! that yarn is pretty.

Drea said...

lol this has nothing 2 do w/ your post.. but i was on your blog and travis glanced at the computer and said "knit and hurl mama?" haha.. im lke "what she knits then she hurls?!" no its "KNIT AND PURL!" hes like "whats a purl?" then I explained that to him. I thought it was funny lol.

Karine said...

Sean as always, looks adorable. And I hope Svetlana explained the whole thrumming process because I had to look it up. And I recommend you really read the pattern first to sort it out, I came why my own version because I didn't like it. Otherwise, they were super easy to do. Have fun!

Carrie said...

Great pictures! You and Sean photograph well together. I liked your shopping story - couldn't believe you had a little one with you through all that! And very yummy yarn pics - thrummed mittens. I so want to do them. Happy 7-Weeks old to the baby!

K. said...

Yarn shopping is the best form of retail therapy sometimes, the other times, shoes win...I had a great time hanging out with you and Sean, I can't wait to get thrumming!

g-girl said...

all the yarn you got is so so pretty! can't wait to see it all knitted up! you lucked out with a clinique bonus day! That's the only time that I go out of my way to pick upm some stuff from them!