Saturday, February 17, 2007

February 17 of 28

Ok, someone please tell me why?? (Karine, I took this picture from your blog, because apparently I can't find any other ones on google, or anything!) WHY??? I heard that it's because of drugs?

Sean, of course sleeping SUPERVISED on his stomach, unknowingly modelled his Kippah that I made him, that he hasn't had the chance to wear yet. It fits him though - Perfect size! Oh - and he's napping in his bassinet! It's the first time he's using it in MONTHS!

And here is Sean knowingly (okay, I mean awake!) modelling his Name Onesie - which I made him! Gotta love Adobe Illustrator and my printer and iron-on transfers! SO MUCH FUN!

Angela pointed out to me today, the growth of my son. Of course I realized that he is bigger - he feels heavier than when we brought him home - and well, he know has meat on his thighs and arms and body and face.... but until seeing the photos NEXT TO EACH OTHER - It didn't "dawn" on me.. so here is Sean's progress - at bath time!

January 1st, 2007 (Below)

Unfortunately for his first bath ever after bringing him home from the hospital, I do not have the same angle as the next two shots... but it's good enough for comparison!

January 21st, 2007 (Above)

February 16th, 2007 (Above)

In ONE month - look at that difference! He's starting to look like a baby - rather than a newborn! My little man is growing up! WOW! Crazy, eh?

This afternoon was spring cleaning time. We cleaned out our HUGE closet in the basement, re-organized the things in it - and also our storage room under our stairs. I managed to also go through all my pre-pregnancy clothes, and have a full garbage bag of donation stuff, clothes that I don't think I'll ever wear again after losing the baby weight, and getting back into my old size. (Why hang on to it - if I am never going to wear it again, right?)

I am very impressed with my clean-up job. I even organized my yarn, and decided on some yarn that I don't wany anymore (Yeah, is that even possible?) Impulse purchases, from when I didn't know what I was doing, and purchased Acrylic. Yeah... the dirty word... Acrylic! Hee hee. I will find a new home for that yarn...

This evening I went to the Habs game with my sister to watch the Habs lose and screw themselves out of the running for the Playoffs. Say goodbye to the Stanley Cup for this year ... c'est fini! Blech. There's always next year... I guess. At the game, I got to knit a TON of rows on Jamie's "married" sock, and it's coming along great. I'll post a progress picture soon. I'm hoping to get both sock number 1's done, so I can start sock number 2's.. so that I can move onto the next project - my Thrummed Fleece Artist mittens. I can't wait to start those, and finish them hopefully before this brutal Canadian winter is over!

Tomorrow is a relaxed day, and I'm missing out on Yoga because Jamie has somewhere to be in the morning (something to do with hockey cards and other Montreal collectors - don't ask!) and I have some laundry to do, (Sean's almost out of bibs, and I refuse to feed him unless he's wearing one, because somehow he manages to drool. Speaking of things that Sean manages to do - today for the first time ever, instead of peeing on me, or peeing on his daddy, or peeing on his Aunt (my sister) (we are the only 3 people he's ever peed on).... he managed to pee on his own face. Silly guy - should have closed his mouth! He didn't get much in, and he apparently found it amusing, because he laughed. Yeah - he laughed! Silly guy! I gave him a facial sponge bath, and it was all better! But I couldn't help but laugh as well. And then not even 10 minutes later he spat up massively on his Aunt - she wanted to feed him! Otherwise it would have been all over me! (But that was his daddy's fault, because he told us that Sean wasn't finished eating - but I guess he was - because overeating made him spit up massively. (Ok, puke. I don't like that word though. Puke. Sounds gross. Well, it is gross.)

Ok, I'm going to stop rambling now, and I'm going to plop myself on the couch, knit and catch up on some shows I have on "tape" from this week. (I say tape, but really it's downloaded off the internet, transferred onto Jamie's Eureka (Media Player), and plugged into our TV in the den).


Barb said...

he's getting so big, little cutie :) I forgot to mention on your last post, I LOVE those shoes!!

mommaofone_07 said...

Isn't Britney crazy? I would never do that, I can't even imagine what I would like like bald! Her hair is up for sale on Ebay, for a low price of $1,000,000. Anyway, Sean is absolutely adorable and he has grown so much!

Summer Engh said...

I love the pictures of Sean. What a difference a month makes. He is such a handsome little guy. I commented on another blog that Britney doesn't look good like that. She should stick with long hair.

Drea said...

Wow what a great photo 2 compare with! Thats unreal. He is def. changing :-) what a cutie. Notice he lost some hair? :-) Taite did as well but not nearly as much as Caleb did.

Every month you should take a pic of him in that same position :-) just to show the difference!

g-girl said...

teehee. I read that britney stuff yesterday. One of my friends has a link to on her 360 blog so that's where I get my entertainment news fix! Sean has indeed grown a lot! I love his lil kippah!! :)

Karine said...

Hummm, your bébé is fattening up nicely hehehe. As for my sources of useless info,, are my main sources.

Creative Genius? said...

Sorry I am WAY behind on my email/blogging/life... but I'll answer soon!!! And yes - he is becoming a little boy now - too cute!!!

Just Me said...

Wow, what a difference a month makes.

I still don't understand even for a second why she'd shave her head.

Federline is starting to look normal compared to her recent actions.

lainehmann said...

Oh my gosh, he looks so GROWN UP!!!!
He's really filling out. And he looks much better hairless than Britney does -- or ever will.