Friday, February 16, 2007

February 16 of 28

I haven't posted anything of the cats in a while, and Zeus was sitting in a post-worthy position tonight, so I snapped a photo of my retarded cat - and voila - Zeus says hello! What's the leg in the air? I walked away to get Sean waking up in his crib, and came back after a diaper change and a feeding, and he was STILL sitting like this. HOW on earth can he be comfortable?

These are the sexy new shoes. I love them and they are comfortable (ask me again after wearing them though for an entire evening!) Now I just need an outfit to wear to Jamie's cousin's wedding. I'm still not back in my pre-pregnancy clothes, so I don't know what I'm going to wear to the wedding we have next month.

This is the gorgeous bath towel (with hood - see blue above - that's the hood) that Sean got as a gift. Isn't it awesome? I want a towel for MY SIZE that has my name on it - but in pink! Hee hee!

Dressing Sean after his bath tonight, I put him in a Roots outfit, that he got as a gift. However, this 0-3 month size, which states is XS (Extra Small!) is WAY too big on him! It's like Steve Urkel came to visit my house! (And the onesie he is wearing - apparently is too small on him - we changed him out of that upon noticing. You see how it's tugging down? I realized after - it's PREEMIE size! Ooops!)

Oh, I love this kid and his spiked hair! And his chubby cheeks are VERY pinchable!

I found the sweater I made Sean while on my honeymoon, when he was a wee little one in my belly. Apparently it could be a dress on him! I didn't even put him in it, just on top of him to measure - and boy it's HUGE!

Today I spent cleaning my office. This evening I had Angela & Vera over and we knitted, and watched What Not To Wear. The boys - they played Texas Hold'em. My in-laws were over too - and we had dinner with them. It was a chilled night. Cuz I'm BEYOND exhausted. To the point of headache. And tomorrow I have a LIST of things to do around the house, and a LOT more work on my office to do.

I scored some Noro Kureyon from the Destash blog, someone was destashing it pretty darn cheap. I snagged them all up - and I have ideas for all of it! Perhaps some for me, and some for gifts. You shall see! It should arrive in 4-7 business days.
The yarn therapy has helped me get over being depressed from stopping breastfeeding. Even thought I'm 100% okay with my decision to stop, it's still depressing. The yarn therapy helped a bit - but I'm done shopping for yarn for a very long long time! I actually need to go through my stash and clean it up.... I have yarn in my bedroom, yarn in my office & yarn in my crawl space under the stairs in our house (of course stored properly!) I need to take an inventory. Hee hee. See what I have - delegate projects.


Barb said...

awww the spikey hair pic is adorable :) Can't wait too see what you make with the Noro, LOVE those colors :)

Nathalia said...
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Halloween said...

He is absolutely adorable! I could eat him up!

PatentPrincess said...

LOL at the Urkel Pants! Sean is adorable with his spiky hair. I'm glad that you were able to cheer yourself up with some yarn therapy. You always get the most gorgeous yarn! I love it!

Drea said...

Thats how all of Taites pants are on him :-) their starting to fit a little better but not great yet. He lives in sleepers.

Summer Engh said...

That picture of the cat is so crazy. How can a cat sit like that and how can it be comfortable! The other pictures you posted on so cute. I love the color of the yarn.
Where did you say you got the yarn?

Jenny said...

That sweater you made is really cute (despite how big it is!). I am sure when he can fit into it, it will look adorable on him!

g-girl said...

oooh, love those shoes!! i love that steve urkel pic too! lol. and the spikey hair!! oh, i could just eat him up just like halloween! ;)