Friday, February 02, 2007

Groundhog Day

Nothing much going on around here today. Nothing besides eating, sleeping and changing diapers (the first two go for me as well - the last one, well - that's just Sean's diapers getting changed - lol). I put Sean in a onesie that I designed today:

It reads: "I drink until I pass out..." Cute, eh? It's done in Illustrator, and then printed on iron-on transfers. I had a blast making a bunch of them. So, more coming soon!

We had fun today playing a little on his Winnie the Pooh mat. I got it from a friend, as a hand-me-down (it was in mint condition minus the missing toys - so I added my own toys!)

(Look Marga - he loves your firefly that you sent him!)

And here is a video that I took of him today playing with his new toys.
This is a first for him, with us, interacting with his toys.

I think he enjoyed himself, it's a lot of fun!

So, not much else going on around here. Tomorrow I have a cleaning lady coming to my house for the first time. I can't wait to have a spick & span clean house. We're preparing for a small party on Sunday (more about that later). I am so very excited for someone else to do a once-over in the house. Stuff that I've been too tired to do lately, because of caring for a newborn. But there is a list of things for us to take care of tomorrow, not only for the cleaning lady to do! And hopefully Jamie will clean the fish tank - something I've been asking him to do for months now... (maybe I can convince him soon to get a few more fish - the two that we have left are kinda boring!) I wouldn't mind some new colors to liven up the tank! (We have one irredescent shark left, and one fish that looks like finding nemo!)

Today I sat down in the afternoon and answered every single one of my emails that were sitting in my inbox. That felt great to do. I've been meaning to do it for a while now... and finally got some time this afternoon to do so! I'm sure it'll fill up again fast - it seems to do that!

So, I'm thinking about ripping up my Clapotis - that or finishing it and giving it as a gift. I decided I do not like the color for myself. Maybe I will finish it - and give it as a gift. I've come so far in it already. And then I'll start a new one for myself. That's the plan. But... I must finish my column of leaves scarf first, and my "married" socks... hmm.... knitting time - oh knitting time - where are you?

So - did the groundhog see it's shadow today? Will there be 6 more weeks of winter?


Summer Engh said...

That video is so cute. I love the firefly. Your little one is sure getting big. That onsie that you made for him is so adorable. Love the saying. Well bye fo rnow.

Barb said...

Sean's getting so big :) What does your Clapotis look like that you want too rip out?, I've been dying too make this for awhile now, I should just go and do it :) woo-hoo on the cleaning lady, that'll be nice :)

Jenny said...

I just love that little onesie--it is too cute! Luckily the groundhog said we should have a short winter, let's hope that is the case because I am sick of this snow!

K. said...

Hihihi! That onesie is funny because it's true! How adorable!

Drea said...

love the video. what a cutie. his eyes are wide opened taking it all in :-) And I love the onesies. What a neat idea... I need a printer!!!

Robyn said...

Sean is adorable. I just looked at the video at work but I have to check it out again at home (no speakers at work). You said that you replied to all of your e-mails though and you owe me a story. You replied to an e-mail from your parents house a while ago but said the story was typed up at home. I wish I had a cleaning lady, my cleaning husband is not very thourough:)