Wednesday, February 07, 2007

February 7 of 28

Today I put Sean in his bouncy chair while taking a shower. I wanted to show Lainie how LITTLE room in my bathroom I have for a bassinet - so the vibe chair has to do the trick:

It was to the point where I almost had to step on the bouce chair to get out of the tub. You can see the edge of the tub (I was standing IN the tub to take this picture) though, before my shower started! (I was NOT going to get my camera wet - you kidding me!?)

I dressed Sean up all nice and handsome to go knitting tonight with Montreal Knits. He's wearing the shirt from Marga and a pair of 1 month (10 lbs) pants that are still WAY too big on him, but they managed. He's also wearing a cute pair of white Baby Gap sneakers, that are WAY too cute to even describe.

Oh, I just love this little guy!

So, what did I get accomplished today? My grandmother came over today to hold Sean so I could make my meat sauce. I made two huge pots. We have stashed in the freezer now, and I'm happy!

And at knitting tonight, I got 4 rows knitted on my "married" sock. That's pathetic. Only 4 rows. I think I went to socialize more than I did to knit! Ha ha!

I'm a little dissapointed. My milk has been running dry. I guess that is the chance I took for pumping only. And there is so much I can pump in one day before going nuts. That's okay. Sean's 6 weeks old tomorrow, and I made it this far. I'm happy with that (I know my hubby is a little disappointed, but what can I do?) The breastfeeding didn't work out - maybe with the next kid it will be different. Sean just wasn't into it. I'm okay with that. Someone told me there is a pill I can take to bring my breastmilk back? (I'm even taking fenugreek and it's not helping I guess?) It's been over one full day that I have not been engorged and when pumping, I was barely pumping 1 feeding at a time, and it's dwindling down...

Alright, big day tomorrow. Sean had a date with a girl one year older than him, and I have to go to the passport office beforehand to get Sean's passport picture rejection letter so that I can get my refund! The store won't give me a refund unless I have proof from the passport office that they are rejecting the photos (even though you can clearly tell the photo place did a shitty ass job!)


Jofrog said...

Bummer on the milk production. There are all sorts of heroic measures that you can go to, or you can say what you've said and certainly 6 weeks is better than nothing. It's your choice, whatever you do, good luck.

In other news, congrats on getting out with your knitting group. I've been going to mine every Sunday and it's great. If I have Kaya in the sling I can even knit for most of the time, but it's primarilly to socialize.

Happy Knitting!

Summer Engh said...

Those pictures of Sean are so cute. Did you make the shirt? So cute. Isn't it nice to get to of the house for a little while. Way to go on going to the knitting group. Sean is looking so much like a big boy and he is only a month old. What a handsome looking boy!

Alison said...

I'm sorry I missed you guys last night! I hadn't looked at my knit-list e-mail for a few days, and totally forgot it was knitting night. Next time? I can't wait to meet your little man! (And to see you, too, of course!)

Christy said...

What a cutie! I used to bring my daughter's bouncy seat into the bathroom so I could shower too. For some reason, even if she was really fussy, the sound of the shower would calm her right down.

g-girl said...

look at his lil belly! so cute. :)

Drea said...

ahh hah! you used the bouncy chair method :-) he didnt make a peep did he :-) Taite never does. I think the shower nose soothes him.

Drea said...

Oh and I saw those shirts at old navy the other day. I almost got some but Travis would of killed me! :-) we have so many baby clothes lol