Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 27 of 28

Have you seen the Book of Knitty? It's pretty damn cool. It's for those children who get into their mommies yarn stash! I think I want to make one regardless! It looks like fun! A lot of work though!

So far today I got 2 rows knitted while at my in-law's - which we went for dinner. Jamie's dad's best friend was in from Vancouver and she wanted to see Sean. Also - Jamie's step-mom's best friend was in from Ottawa. So it was a dinner with everyone tonight! Sean was a the guest of honor! LOL.

Today there was something (knitting related) that I wanted, and I had to go to 3 different Walmarts before finding what I wanted. I got it. But boy was that exhausting!

I don't feel like posting pictures today. Plenty of updates tomorrow - I promise. Tomorrow I have a bunch of things I want to do - and I'm going to movie night with my mother & sister. We're watching Dreamgirls. I heard it was really good.

We're up to 18 participants in the Stitch Marker Exchange. Have you signed up yet? I even made a button for the blog that I created for the swap - and I used a photograph that I took of some stitch marker that Lainie made me in the last round of exchange!

I got some nice beads today to make some earrings for my Etsy shop. Have you been to my shop recently? I've reduced the price of the knitting earrings - the link is on my sidebar! Go support a local artist! Some new stuff should be listed hopefully by the weekend. I'll definitely announce it once that happens! Don't worry. Ok, ok, I just linked my shop, you're too lasy to go over to my sidebar, right?

I got Sean this hanging hamper thing today - we needed a system to sort his bibs seperately from his regular clothing - because he goes through bibs like there is no tomorrow. And so I'll photograph what I did and post it tomorrow - but since I want to wash that more often than his clothes, I had to get a seperate basket (I found this neat one that hangs!) and his clothes, blankets and wash cloths & towels will go into the wicker basket that we have in his room.

I'm also looking into starting to puree foods for Sean, to freeze, so that they are ready for when he starts eating solids. I've picked up my ice cube trays (I have 4 white ones and 4 blue ones) and I'm ready to look into how to start! Anyone know any great sites for preparing your own baby food? Or tips? Advice?

Alright, I need to get some shut eye. Pics tomorrow - I promise.


Maggie said...

If you have "What to Expect the First Year" there are some recipes in there. If not, try www.myhomemadebabyfood.com
it has recipes, and tips on storage, preparation, and how to start.

That knitting book looks like fun!!

Barb said...

The Knitty book looks interesting :) I'm curious too see what you find about homemade baby food, i've been wanting too try, just never actually sat down and tried too look for recipies

Indie Mama said...

Book of knitty! That's awesome! I doubt I'll ever have the time, though... I started picking up some sweet potatoes, squashes, stuff like that, baking them up and pureeing them. Then I'd store them in ziploc bags in the freezer until needed so they're ready to go. At around 5-6 months we started adding in one soft food (fruit or veggie) a week (in case of allergies).

IrishGirl said...

Fruits are the easiest. No need to buy baby food. Like bananas, for example; all you have to do is mash a piece of banana and voila. (Y spend $.80 on a tiny jar, I ask you? Besides, you throw a banana in the baby bag and it comes out smooshed anyways LOL) Buy a big jar of all natural applesauce (no added sugar) & puree it further in the blender. Also, any veggie that you have for dinner, without added salt or spice, can be pureed for the baby. Now is the time to start feeding Sean what you and Dad eat, so you don't have a picky eater later.