Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hallmark Holiday

So I don't know if you noticed, but I know have a weight loss ticker above on my header. I'm starting my diet soon! I think March 1st sounds like a nice date to start my diet. I will be cutting out ALL soft drinks (that will be the hardest) and I will be going back on the G.I. Diet (Glycemic Index). I desperately want to shed that baby weight that I gained! I'm going to do the same diet I did in 2005 when I lost 25 lbs for my wedding day. And I did it! Now I need to lose 42.5 to get to my goal weight! I know I can do it! (My goal weight should be realistic, it's just a little bit lower than what I was on my wedding day, when I had lost the 25 lbs. So I want to lose that same 25 lbs, plus some) For my age & height, I'm sticking to what average is... and I know I can do it! I just need some motivation. I'm going to stick with Post-Natal Aqua, and go once a week to Deep End Aqua. On land, I'm going to go to Yoga on Sunday mornings, and I'm also going to perhaps add in another class - something a bit more up beat. I'm going to start walking in the spring with Sean in his stroller - or in a carrier. I'm going to do it. And I'm going to eat right! I have an ENTIRE WARDROBE to fit back into! I bought some really nice stuff when I had lost the 25 lbs, and now I want to get back into that entire wardrobe! And I also promised myself, that for my next pregnancy, I will not just eat whatever I want to... I'm going to be smart about it - and not gain as much the next time around! I *think* this past pregnancy, I kinda took eating for two a little too literally. Not a good idea! I don't advise it! Unless you're someone who doesn't gain weight easily!

For Valentine's Day Jamie sent me a beautiful e-card. This was the image that was on it:

He sent me beautiful e-flowers, because I told him the day I met him that I hate flowers, because they die fast and they are a waste of money. Jamie even wrote the sweetest note to go along with the e-card, but that is personal & private, and I'll cherish what he wrote for a very long time to come.

Last night I sold some yarn that I had picked up at Value Village - but wanted the other stuff in the bag - not the yarn that I sold. So I listed it on Destash's blog - and sold it. So, I used that money to pick up the latest and greatest new color of Lorna's Laces:

PINK! Oh I heard Pink! This color is called: "Flamingo" and it's a brand new color! I can't wait to knit myself some socks with this color - oh - it's hot hot hot! And very Pink for St-Valentine's Day.

Speaking of Valentine's Day - HAPPY COMMERCIAL HALLMARK HOLIDAY TO ALL! (I'm not a huge fan of this holiday). Jamie and I did have a romantic home cooked meal last night, and again tonight. Last night he made me stir fry, which is my fave meal he makes, and we accompanied it with some red wine. Tonight we had shrimp cocktail and Tilapia fish with rice, accompanied by some white wine. So we had a nice dinner two nights in a row, to spoil ourselves, but not necessarily for V-day.

I did get Jamie some little gifts. I got him some much needed dress socks by George (from Walmart), and some chocolates and candies. I got Jamie this above "Easy Button" as well. When you press it - it says "That was Easy". It's kinda funny, and I got it for Jamie to press every time he completes a chore - he can after then say "Boy, that was easy" LOL! I'm just kidding - I thought it was funny. And...

When you purchase the Staples Easy Button, you’re making dreams come true for individuals with intellectual disabilities. STAPLES Business Depot is proud to donate a portion from the sale of this product, up to $100,000.00, to SPECIAL OLYMPICS CANADA.

Well then - I feel better about purchasing this silly item!

This afternoon I spent it doing errands with my mother - shopping at Old Navy, and Gap Kids - all stuff for Sean of course. (Nothing is for me anymore - lol - unless it's yarn or books! LOL). After the fun clothing shops, the next stop was Costco. I had a full list of things I needed from there, and I don't have a membership, so I went with my mom - who does! (I feel there is no need to spend 50$ on a membership, when I only go like twice a year, and when I need a thing here or there, both my parents go on a regular basis, as well as Jamie's dad & step-mom - so I can always get something - if need be). Today, I have successfully changed Sean's diaper and fed him a bottle in the middle of Costco. Apparently, there is a nursery in the store, but it's *ONLY* for breastfeeding mothers. How discriminatory!

While at Walmart today, I found a can (like circled above) of Good Start by Nestle - which is regular priced at $28.97 at Walmart. This was actually a gift pack with a free stroller toy. It was on liquidation for $10, and then I had a $2 rebate coupon for any Good Start formula in my wallet. My first reaction was "why is this so cheap - is it expired?" But no - it wasn't expired, it is actually good until December 2007! (Sean would go through this can in about 2 weeks or less). So I got the can of formula for 8$ and a free toy. A value of 28.97 JUST for the formula - wow! I'm still shocked on how cheap it was!

I've been dying to purchase Passe-Partout on DVD. It's a show that I grew up on. I loved it. It was a french show, that was on at dinner time, I believe. Anyhow, the first 25 episodes are on DVD now. I was going to buy it at Costco today for 39.99$ but I checked first to see if it was on and it is. So, for 39.96$ (not that .04 cents makes a difference, but I get free shipping for orders over 39$ and also - airmiles. So that was my reasoning behind not buying it at Costco - and I can't wait to get it in the mail, and even though it's a kid's show - which Sean will one day enjoy - (I hope!) but I can reminisce with the past, and enjoy it too!

I am no longer engorged, and so far I haven't been leaking in a while. It's been 2 days since I last pumped something (very little actually) for Sean, and we're doing a-0kay on formula. Hey - I myself am a formula baby - was never breastfed. And look - I'm doing alright! Crossing my fingers that I will not need Sage tea. Can't really find it anyhow, it's not something my local grocery store has... Oh well.

Sean wishes everyone a Happy Valentine's Day - isn't he just adorable in his Old Navy outfit that he got recently as a gift? He is just too cute in it! Too darn cute for his own good!


Carrie said...

Your son is adorable! And, yes, you ought to be able to used the nursery. That's just shocking that you can't. I'm disgusted and angry, and I breastfed my kid. Never would I have thought they'd make a differentiation. Makes me want to nurse a kid in the middle of the store.... Hey, good luck on the weight loss - you can do it! I craved snickers bars with my first, big macs with my second, and thank god - watermelon with my third. It really does make a dif with the weight loss. Love the new sock color! What pattern, do you know?

Barb said...

good luck with the dieting ): OMG that lorna's laces is GORGEOUS, I've never seen that one yet, very pretty :)

PatentPrincess said...

I wish you all the best with your weight-loss efforts! I won't be too far behind you. Just waiting for my baby to be born and to recover a bit. I'll be giving up soft drinks as well :( Hard to do but well worth it.

I'm glad you had a good Valentine's Day and I love the flamingo yarn you have picked out - very pretty! I'm sure whatever you make out of it will be gorgeous!!


Emma said...

I love that Loran's Laces Flamingo. I hadn't seen it yet, but now, of course, I want some!

K. said...

Cool for Passe-Partout, I got it for my mom and myself on Christmas. It's so funny to watch them although my niece who's 6 is totally addicted. Who said nothing good came out of the seventies!?!

Summer Engh said...

The picture of Sean is so adorable. I can't believe you can't use the nursery, you should be able to, he's a baby isn't he? That is just a dumb rule. All mothers with infant babies should be allowed to use it. Good luck on your weight loss.

Robyn said...

I gave up regular soda before the wedding and lost a lot of weight, but now it is creeping back. How do you add that weight loss thing to your blog? I don't know how to do that and I think it is really cool. I was never breastfed either. I don't think that it was the in thing when we were born. Formula babies turn out GREAT if you ask me!

Jenny said...

I love his little outfit and great job shopping for those bargains! I just love when I find a good deal.

Best of luck with the diet. I am sure with your aqua exercise and cutting out soda, you are well on your way!

Maggie said...

aaa! i watched passe partout as wel! that's awesome that it's available on DVD :D