Thursday, November 01, 2007

44 Weeks

Sean is 44 weeks old today. The 2nd top tooth is about to pop out, you can now see it. The first top tooth is clearly cut through, just needs to grow now. I hope the 2nd top tooth follows just as quick, so they grow out together!

Today was a rotten day but in the end was better, but still not that great. I don't even know where to begin.

The people buying my house. They are assholes. Assholes that didn't even have the human curtosey to apologize.

You see... they scheduled a house inspection for the house they are buying for 10 am. 10:15 comes. Not even my agent is here (which is okay, because he didn't have to be here on time). 10:30 rolls around. My agent shows up, but the buyers, the inspector and their agent are not here. 10:45 am, their agent shows up. We call. We don't find the buyers. We eventually reach them. They thought they were going to show up around 1 pm when the inspector was done. 1pm? From 10 am?? An inspection does NOT take 3 hours.

I'm pissed at this point.

We finally reach the inspector. He zips over from the other side of the city. He's here by 11:40 am. The buyers finally show up around 12:30pm. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who are these people? Apparently they think the world revolves around them.

The guy buying my house, I found out today is a Rabbi. I guess he must have not liked the fact that I walked around in a TANK TOP with my tattoo on my shoulder exposed. Oops. Didn't know he was a Rabbi until after. (Getting a tattoo if you are Jewish is a sin). I'm a non-practicing Jew, so I don't follow the "laws". I eat cheese on my hamburgers. Those who keep kosher don't mix meat with milk. They have seperate plates for milk and for meat.

Anyhow, let's get back on track.

The all finally show up, and the inspection is done. The Rabbi literally tries to find stuff wrong with the house. He goes every everything with the inspector. To the point where he is pointing out bricks on the outside of the house. Uhm, the house was built in 1951... what does he expect? It's not a brand new house.

Also - the wife started bitching that my crawl space where my yarn inventory is stored, along with all of Sean's outgrown clothes, etc... is still jammed packed. You see, there is the start of "rough" in there, (plumbing) and they want to renovate it into a bathroom. No one told me that I had to clear out the room, so I didn't.

They were really rude, and started talking about renovations about taking down walls with the inspector, when he's not a contractor, but it was starting to get late, and Sean, would not take a nap with too many people around. I was getting really annoyed. They finally left around 1:30pm, but stayed outside of the house talking to the inspector.

Anyhow..... I have a 100% feeling that the Rabbi is going to try to knock down the price of the house, when it's time to lift the condition of the house inspection on the sale of the house. However, both my agent and their agent know, that I am not budging from the price that we've already agreed upon, because I'm not losing out money because they want to renovate. That's not my fucking problem.

I am so mad today, that I'm using the word fuck. I'm sorry to those who do not like that word.

I had to sit on my couch for about an hour afterwards, and let Sean crawl around the den and play on the floor, so that I could calm down.

I totally wasn't expecting an apology for the fuck up ont he time today. I know the way he is, and I knew that an apology would not happen. Though, after the sale of the house goes through - if it still does - and the notary has the check for the house, I may open my mouth, because someone has to say something. Tell him that an apology for the fuck up on the time today would have been the human thing to do, but that I see he has no class. I'll figure something out, but I'm not afraid to open my mouth to a Rabbi who thinks he's the only person in this world that matters. Honestly! At one point today, he told his agent that he "doesn't work for her, so don't talk to him like that".... (when she told him that we were sitting here waiting on them for the house inpsection or something to that effect). My mouth dropped!!!!

So now, my entire crawl space is in my basement, and there almost isn't a pathway to walk!!! And my day was wasted literally.

This evening though, in good news, I got the keys to my new house. I officially own my new house. I brought a few things over there tonight (like toilet paper and cleaning products) but tomorrow is the first official day of the move. VERY excited about that! Angela is coming over to help me move. Thank goodness for best friends! After the signing at the notaries office, my father, mother, Jamie, Sean, and my dad's two friends went out for dinner, which was really nice, but it was really chilly in the restaurant, and I've been cold all night since.

The funniest part of my new house - the Re-max agent that was selling my house to me (My agent is Century 21), lost the keys to my new house. He didn't want to show up empty handed to the signing, of course, so a locksmith changed the locks to the house 30 minutes before the signing when he realized that he lost the keys. So Remax paid for a job I was going to do myself! I'm sure he'll find the keys tomorrow. LOL. I'm going to be changing the locks again when we move out of our duplex, and put a high security lock on my new house, which we're taking from our current place, but until then the new lock on the door (backed up by our alarm system) is a-okay for me!

I've listed the December Sock Club kit on the site. There are still 3 spaces left in the November sock club for those of you that may still want it. I'll leave them open until the weekend, but please if you want - act fast! December's kit will be dyed by Dyed in the Wool Handmade a Canadian Handpainter! Also - my Hallowe'en Skull Stitch Markers are 50% off. Those also will shortly be removed from the site, so if you want them - act fast!


Ammerins said...

I bet the rabbi is going to love his rabbi neighbour ;)

Good luck moving all your stash to the new house (sigh...). I just love your new kitchen *jealous* (even though we have a nice kitchen as well, it isn't nearly as big...)

Carmen said...

I've been through several house perchases and there's always last agent forgot to lock the doors, what can I say? Yes, the buyers seem scrambled but you will have to try to not let it scramble you, better for you and your little guy. Simply learn to smile, and remember to say "no, non, niet" while smiling. You'll be ok. And have fun with the new space!

Kate-the-enabler said...

Just posting some cyber-sympathy - so sorry to hear that you had a miserable time with the inspection...some people...(deep sigh and head shaking here...)
On the up side - yay re the keys, and the lock change bonus!

Hoping today is much much better - happy moving!

Bertha said...

Oh my God, what a DICK that guy was. I know you have to do what you have to do, but if it were me since I have such a bad temper I'd probably freak out on him and refuse to sell him the house! Haha

Kirsty said...

Woohoo! Keys!
Congratulations on the new home!!
(sorry to hear about the crumminess of the other parts of the day)

Barb said...

I'm sorry you had such a rough morning and afternoon, what an ass that guy sounds like, but at least you got your keys to the new place, exciting!!!!

Tara said...

Ditto on the cyber-sympathy. That blows. But Yay! The nightmare will soon be over!

Shelley said...

Sorry to hear about all the problems with the, he sure isn't a very good representative of his faith.

Sean is looking cuter and cuter everyday!

kristo said...

Wow, that guy sounds like a total asshole. Hopefully your agents will work everything out amongst themselves. When it's all over and done with you probably will never have to see him again... and if you do, offer him a cheeseburger.

Wendy said...

Man that sucks! Some buyers think they have all the power because you want to sell! Unfortanetly some are asses about it!!