Thursday, November 15, 2007

46 Weeks

Sean is 46 weeks old today. This was our very last weekly shot in our duplex bathroom. Next week, they'll be taken in our new house, in many possible different options for mirrors. We have lots of bathrooms and lots of mirrors all over the house. That options will be endless. In our duplex, the only good lighting for mirrored shots (without flash) was to take the photos in the small bathroom. I don't even have a bathroom as small in my new house. Each bathroom is at least double the size in my new house. SPACE! I am very excited for space! Space and good lighting! Good lighting in key! Ignore my messy hair in that picture, I've been so busy in the last few days to care about styling my hair so it's been "shower and throw up in a bun".... type of style.

Sean was being restless and I had a few things to do in my new house office today, (some of my files are already there) and I decided to let Sean play with my leg. Still have no name for her, but I'm thinking Alegsandra.... or Alegsis.... still debating, but those two were my absolute FAVES!!

My yarn room at the new house is coming along great. It's about 95% done, besides a few touch ups. It'll be done tomorrow, as well as ALL the work in the house by the handyman who has been at my house for the past two weeks almost. I can't wait for them to be done and off on their way. I am also VERY excited to be living in the new house officially. YEY!

I ordered my fave food (baked spaghetti) from my fave place (Tasty Foods), which won't deliver to my new house, so I'm damn disappointed. I will miss them delivering. They make pizza & pasta in whole wheat, with low fat cheese, so their food was a savior when I was on the G.I. Diet, and since still following with only eating whole wheat as much as possible (since I prefer it actually), I still ordered from them religiously. I guess I will just have to find a west island restaurant that serves whole wheat and delivers!

On top of all the new stuff I listed in the shop today, I've added some new Robyn's Nest stitch markers. First up, I've added some Personalized Name Stitch Markers in Black beads. You've got ones up to 5 Letters Long, and another set for up to 10 Letters Long. I've also added Number Stitch Markers for Socks or Lace - 0 through 9 - a Set of 10. Also - some Fun Beach Themed Stitch Markers. I've been having way too much fun making stitch markers lately. Something to take my mind off the stress of moving!


Andrea said...

My comment section is acting up on my parents' computer so I'll respond here :D

How was Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl? I didn't realise there was another one in the series, I suspect they can stand alone though.

I'm here until Sunday afternoon. My Grandma is taking me to lunch today and there my cousin's coming over for after work drinks. Tomorrow we drive into Carleton Place - the good side is they have a really cute yarn store. It's predominantly a wool factory I think though.

When are December sock kits going on sale BTW?

Tara said...

I did a double take when I saw that picture of Sean with the leg! Too funny.