Friday, November 02, 2007

November 2 of 30

Today was a long day. I left the house in the morning with my mom's truck packed and dropped Sean off at my parents house. She babysat Sean all day (no complaints there!) and I did 3 loads all day to the new house. Angela met up with me during the 2nd load. Somewhere in there the guy from the plumbing company came to see about our gaz line from the gaz tank to bring a line to the kitchen for my gaz stove. I refuse to go back to electric.

I honestly think that we'll be able to move in a lot sooner than the 3rd week of November. The moving company (for just our furniture) requires only about 48 hours notice. That's cool. I really want to be out of the city and living in our beautiful new home. I'm starting to hate our duplex more and more just because of the little things. We did a great chunk of stuff today, between my 3 loads in my mom's truck as well as the 1 full load Jamie did in his car.

This evening I went to the market and picked up dinner for the 3 of us (Angela helped me all day, which was really nice). I also got the November Sock Club pattern printed. The kit is now just waiting on the yarn, which is being mailed me to me shortly. Very excited to get those out in the mail! Those who bought it, are really going to like it!

Sean ended up sleeping at my parents house tonight, and I'm going to do a load tomorrow morning to the new house, then give my mom back her car (which I'm loving by the way, minus the fact that it's NOT standard!! I can't stand driving an automatic car!) I'm meeting someone over at my new house tomorrow morning, so after that I'll go and pick up Sean, then come home and pack some more!

That's it for today, nothing more than just packing and moving boxes! (And we'll probably hear about the sale of our house after the weekend is over, since it's Shabbat right now, and they won't do anything about it on Shabbat).

No knitting again today, no time!

Going to pack 1 more box and then hop into bed and watch some TV with Jamie.


Summer said...

sounds like you had a better day today than yesterday!! Hope the moving goes smoothly for you and you have no more problems!!

Shelley said...

You're definitely a busy girl these days! The thing I hate about moving is the packing and unpacking...hate those things sooo much, but unfortunately they need to be done!

Hope all goes well with the moving and the sale of your house!

sharon said...

I'm glad that november 2 went better than november 1. the words you used on the 1st were used a lot by me on the 1st also. But that is history!!!
keep up the positive attitude!

g-girl said...

goodness, not only are you a quick house buyer but you're a quick mover! ;)