Saturday, November 03, 2007

November 3 of 30

This morning I got up early to load the car with more stuff and bring stuff over to the new house as I had to meet someone there who will be doing some work on the house. After unloading my car & Jamie's - Jamie went to pick up lunch and I went to my parents house to pick up Sean, who'd slept there the night before. It's so much easier to get stuff done while he's being watched by someone else. The packing is coming along, but I still can't believe how much STUFF we have! How does one even accumulate so much stuff? I wish I knew. I am doing a great job of purging into 2 piles. One for donation, and the other for garbage. I've come across a bunch of acrylic yarn that I don't want, so some of it I'm going to donate to this one place that accepts yarn donations for pregnant women to knit stuff for their baby, and the rest will go to Montreal Knits, as some people want to knit items for charity. What a great idea. I wish I had the time right now to knit for charity, but the move is keeping me busy. However when I do come across some time to do so, I will, as I want to.

This afternoon Sean, Jamie & I all took a really long nap, that was well needed. It was nice to cuddle the three of us together. I really enjoy moments like that. One of these days in the hopefully distant future, Sean will not want to cuddle with us anymore.

Late afternoon Angela and her fiance came over to test drive Jamie's old car for the weekend, as they may be taking it from us. I hope you guys like it Angela, Jamie really doesn't want that car to return home! It was nice to see Angela & her fiance for a bit.

This evening I went alone and did a load to the new house. I had some stuff that I wanted to bring over, to get out of the way here. I also cleaned one cupboard in the main bathroom and put in all our extra products in there. I also steam cleaned the carpets in the extra room, as I want to start moving stuff in there, to get it out of the way. I will check back tomorrow to see what kind of job the steam cleaner did. It's a machine I borrowed from my parents. I used it to clean Sean's carpets before he was born and before we moved the furniture into his room.

When I got home, Jamie & I caught up on Heroes from last Monday, as well as another show. We've had no time at all to watch TV lately, busy with the move! I did manage to cast off the Sweater for Sean, and now I just need to sew some armpit seams on the Drive-Thru, and weave in some ends. It looks like it should fit over his head now, where I ripped back to. Even though it's a 2 year old size sweater and will probably be took big on him now, I'm going to try it on him tomorrow after the weaving is done. I will make some time tomorrow to finish it.

Tomorrow, the Rabbi & his wife who will be possibly buying our house are coming back at 9 am to view the house again with some other inspection person and their agent. The first agent on Thursday (the one who showed up really late) apparently scared them off. He apparently told them that it will cost 10,000$ to repair the roof (we had a verbal quote of 2500$-3000$ so 10K is just nuts) and as well, 10,000$ to repair some bricks on the outside of the house (the Rabbi was looking for ANYTHING to see if he probably could get a reduction on the house). They have until Monday to either lift the inspection condition on the house, or come back and ask for a price reduction. If he comes back and asks for a reduction, we'll be telling him to go find another house to buy, and my agent is ready for another open house next weekend. We do not want to waste anytime. I'm hoping they don't stay too long tomorrow, because we want to continue doing loads to the new house, and Jamie wants to chill at 4pm to watch some important football game between two teams he says are undefeated or something! I just want this whole ordeal with the house to be over and done with so I can move on with my life. I'm also hoping this is our last move for 20-25+ years! Hoping tomorrow morning's appointment goes well.


Shelley said...

I hope everything goes well with the rabbi and his wife with regard to buying the house. Why on earth would buddy tell them it would cost ten grand for the repairs if they cost way less?? That is weird.

Tara said...

Looking forward to seeing the Drive-Thru completed!

AliP said...

My kids are almost 9 and 10 1/2 and they still demand snuggles. Usually first thing in the morning or last thing at night before sleeping but they could happen anytime.
You have years and years and years of snuggle time left....LOL.

Robin said...

Hope everything goes well with the rabbi. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to move for a very long time - Jim and I feel that way too.

Jennifer said...

Any news on the condition? I'm upset about the football game...what it was is the Patriots and the Colts were both undefeated this season then played each other so no matter what one would lose their streak. Unfortunately the Colts (our family team) lost. :(