Sunday, November 25, 2007

November 25 of 30

Sean's doctor appointment is tomorrow, and I have no idea what time. At his old doctor's office, they'd call you the day before (or if it's a Monday appointment, you'd get called on Friday for a reminder), and this new office -nothing. So far, I'm not impressed. I could have sworn that I had it marked down what time - but I can't find it anywhere. I will ask tomorrow when we go why no one called to "confirm" my appointment. I'll also be calling first thing in the morning to find out what time his appointment is. For some reason, I think it's at 9:45 am. Thank goodness it's around the corner....!

I've been going nuts the last few days looking for my garage door remote control. I could have sworn I had it a few days ago, but now it's no where to be seen. I checked my car all over and also my mom's truck (that I'd borrowed to move stuff out of my old house). It wasn't under any seats, or in any compartments. I searched my office, my purse, my jacket (I knew it wasn't in there). I searched anywhere that I had been or touched in the last few days. And then I went upstairs to my night table to get a chocolate bar out for Jamie. I had a bag from the pharmacy in there, that had 6 chocolate bars (2 coffee crisp, 2 areo and 2 kit kat bars - from when Pharmaprix had chocolate bars 2 for .99 cents). It was in there. How did it get in there? That I'm not sure. The only thing I can assume, is that BOTH were in my purse, and the remote control must have slipped in there, and when I tossed that bag into my night table, I didn't see it in there?? That or Pregnancy Brain. Not sure which to blame! I really don't recall physically putting it in there though.

Today I ran out while Sean was sleeping after Jamie got home, and was able to do 3 errands. I need to go to Bureau En Gros for some office supplies, and then do a return to Toys R Us. The girl on the Babies R Us side looked at me funny when I asked her about Preggy Pop Drops. Her response was "Sorry Ma'am, we don't carry everything that our website has to offer"... Huh?? Where did she get that from? I never told her that it's on their website?? The girl at the return counter screwed up on my return, and it took forever for her to correct it. I was soooo worried that I wouldn't get my last errand in before stores closed at 5pm. I had to go to Reno Depot to pick up 2 garbage bins for outside my house. Sean's stinky diaper garbage is getting too smelly in our house, so I had to buy bins to put them in outside. You see, I put out 3 bags in front of the house, and the squirrels have been picking the bags apart. Grr. Made a huge mess. So now, there is NO WAY they are getting into these new bins I bought. I literally walked into Reno Depot (like Home Depot) 5 minutes before the store closed. Talk about timing. All because of Toys R Us and the mistake with my return.

Tonight Jamie & I caught up on the last 3 episodes of Weeds. I thought we were 4 weeks behind, we were actually only 3 weeks behind. I wonder if they are going to do a Season 5 with the way they left off Season 4. Anyone have any idea?

I am slowly catching up on my blog reading & my emails. If you haven't heard from me - I am so sorry. This move has been keeping me busy - but I'm sure you understand! I will get to all my emails in my inbox - that I promise you.

Just a reminder to you all - there is only 5 days left to order your December Sock Club Kit from Robyn's Nest. It'll ship mid-December, just in time for Xmas! Also - Mirasol Hacho is on sale until November 30th, for 1$ off per skein. And don't forget that I've updated the Notions section with new products (and more coming soon!)


dragon knitter said...

well, that's interesting! i've not been reading your blog mostly because i'm behind on everybody's, and kinda dread adding more to my bloglines, but i came over, and discover that you've got a sean as well! my sean's been out of diapers for 10 years, lol. but i do remember. we did cloth diapers, with a service, and i always had to put the diapers in a plastic container to keep critters out of them.

as for the garage door remote? it was hungry, and wanted chocolate!

Tara said...

Definitely sounds like Pregnancy Brain to me :)

Jennifer said...

How's Sean feeling? I do stuff like that clicker thing all the time...I think it's when my hands are full and I drop stuff into bags without realizing it.

~Jo~ said...

I have bought bought preggy pops at Bummis before, maybe they still have some. :) Their website is

g-girl said...

oh weeds already over? I'm about two episodes behind. I'm hoping it comes back for another season though I haven't a clue as to how it ended..hope you're able to find some preggy pops!