Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 13 of 30

Today I spent most of my day at the new house, besides running errands like getting Sean new socks (his feet are getting big!) and getting a new recycling bin from the city hall in my new borough, as well as getting Sean a library card at the library next to city hall, as well as renewing my library card. I had to pay 5$ to renew it, because I lost my card and I used to be a member when I lived in the borough growing up. New accounts are free, but if you are in their system, you must buy a new card. It was 5$ so I didn't mind.

Today the shelving unit in my "yarn" room went up. I'm so excited for it to be finished.

It's looking absolutely fabulous, if you ask me! I love that it's white (clean looking!). It'll soon be filled to the top with yarn. I am sure that only my store inventory will fit in here, and not my person stash, unfortunately. I must find somewhere else for my personal stash.

Sean got converted on Sunday to a big boy car seat. His feet were hanging over the bucket seat that came with my stroller for newborns and he ain't a newborn anymore. He was confused for the first few times being in it, but he loves it. He loves being able to see where we are going, and what's going on in the car that he's been missing out on. He looks so lost in the big boy seat, compared to not fitting into his bucket seat anymore! There was no way I was getting Sean into a winter jacket into the bucket seat. It was just not happening. Toys R Us was having a sale - so I went on Sunday and bought a seat for my car (Eddie Bauer) and one for Jamie's car (Evenflo). No reason for not getting two the same, besides having a different color to match each car. And to be different!

Tonight I went with Jenn & Maaike to the Montreal Knitting Guild meeting not far from my new house. It was a lot of fun, and I was able to cast on and knit 1 row on my nephew's Drive Thru sweater. More pictures soon when I have some progress to actually show.

Alright, I want to go crawl into bed and watch Seinfeld that just started. I need to unwind from being out all day today.


Jon Dunn 'easyknitter' said...

Hey Robyn..

I LOVE your new shelving.... infact after my success at the weekend selling my hand dyed yarns, my hubby offered up the office as my yarn store and dye studio, and I was looking for some perfect shelving to store my yarn in, and I think I found it here on your blog!

Hope you don't mind me stealing your design... it's just so perfect, I have 14 colourways in my range of yarns at the moment and half a box to each would be perfect.

Who is your handy man? Do you think he'd like a trip to london?

Well done again, a super yarn store... can't wait to see it filled with yarns.

AliP said...

Oooh Oooh..write me and email telling me how the guild meeting was?? I am so jealous.

Drea said...

seems like once ur switch ur baby to a bigger carseat they look so much bigger! like lil grown kids :-)

Taites been in his big bow carseat since he was like 8 months.. but it was rearfacing until this week.
Its one of those 5-45lb carseats that you can use from birth up.

We put him front facing a month early since we had travel issues with the seat facing the other way.

he sits up just fine though and likes it A LOT better now that he can see someone while riding :-)

Maggie said...

love the shelving! very fun :)

Amy said...

i do love how your shelving is looking. I have to keep that in mind.

g-girl said...

ooh, love the white shelving unit! I would've picked out white as well. :) gosh, sean looks so much bigger in his new carseat!