Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 18 of 30

This afternoon I went to the local annual craft fair (which I haven't done in years). I picked up a few things for the new house: (actually all from the same artist)

A Honey To Do List for Jamie. I need to find the perfect spot in the house to hang this.

A cute powder room lady for my new powder room which is "ensuite" to my office. (Great location for any pregnant woman!)

And this sheep - that I thought was SUPER cute. I will be putting her in my yarn room, once it's finished and cleaned and ready to be used. Almost there!

It was nice to walk around the craft fair with my mom, Sean, Jenn and Jakob. Jenn was wearing Jakob and got a lot of attention! Sean also had people stop him to talk to him. (Probably more than I would have liked!) I also got a picture for Sean's room of some boys playing hockey that I think was hand drawn. It is very nice. It actually says Sean's last name on the goalie's stick - I think that's why I purchased it!

Sean's room is ready to rock 'n roll - well his temporary room. We set it up as the nursery, so that we don't have to transfer everything over there in the summer when his sibling is born. When his sibling comes along, we'll transfer him into his new big boy room. (Which will be a play area for now).

Tomorrow I must tackle laundry and the kitchen. While I was out with my family tonight, Jamie stayed home and went through ALL the boxes in the garage (which was a dumping ground upon doing loads) and brought boxes into their appropriate rooms. The garage is looking better, and at least we know where some items here. There is a LOT of cleaning that will be needed to be done, as well as putting things away. Tomorrow I have my sister coming over to watch and play with Sean so that I can continue on with unpacking. (And then maybe I can eventually resume to knitting!)

Today I am sending you over to my friend Cynthia's blog - She's making the same blankie that Yarn Ball Boogie made for Scout. Recently, she used Robyn's Nest's October Sock Club colorway for some squares. Look how gorgeous they turned out! WOW!

Thank you all for the comments on the nausea. However, I've been told that Camomile and any type of Mint teas are NOT good during pregnancy, as they cause you to contract resulting in a miscarriage. So I think I'll be avoiding those teas, even if they are my TWO fave flavors of teas.

Today I leave you with a video of Sean discovering my ball winder. A future knitter? LOL!


Bertha said...

Ahh, I love that video with the ballwinder! So cute!

Amy said...

I'll bet he'll even be more fascinated by the ball winder when you have some yarn on it. What you got from the craft fair is so cute!

Tsuki said...

Congratulations! (sorry, haven't de-lurked in a while)

You could try some "kiddology" on yourself.
When we used to go on long trips, one of my teachers had the entire class convinced that sitting on pink paper means that you can not feel -or be- sick. worked a treat.

Failing that, cuddle up somewhere warm and doze.

I'm sorry you can't have nice teas, if it helps I hear that toast is a good sub for crackers. get yourself some nice home-baked wholemeal rhye or something :) - it's got to be worth a try!

Kimber said...

Cute stuff from the craft fair! Glad to see you are moved into your new home finally - congrats!
I am amazed that despite your nausea you've been posting so much - you are a superwoman! I've been laid up on my couch for the past two weeks just trying to not puke! I dug out my old sea bands from my pregnancy with my daughter and they seem to be giving me relief (enough that I seem ok here at work). I think I've even lost some weight - it's for a good cause though. Just hang on until 12 weeks (my new mantra is only 4 more to go....).

yarn4kalei said...

Hi Robyn! Did you ever receive the package that I sent to you in August? If not, I am going to file a claim with the post office and send you a new package to your new house. The package that I sent on the same day to Enderby, BC took a month to get there. Please let me know. Thanks! Dee

Shelley said...

Cute craft items - I really like the powder room lady and especially the sheep!

Waaaa....there was no video for me to watch :o(...I'll have to check back again sometime to see if it works.

Jenny said...

That little powder room doll is so cute! My mom just loves craft fairs and all those adorable handmade items.

Tara said...

I love the "AAA-aaa-aaaahh" he answered when you asked him whether he would be a knitter. Too funny. Definite future fiber enthusiast, I'd say.

Robin said...

Cute stuff! I love the sheep!

g-girl said...

you picked up some cute stuff for the house! cute video. :)