Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November 20 of 30

My new lifesaver for nausea.... pickled ginger! (Like you get when you eat sushi!) A few people mentioned that ginger was good for nausea, and it got so bad today, that on Jamie's way home from work, I asked him to pick me up some at the local grocery store. I hope it keeps on helping (and the nausea goes away for good!)

Today I finally changed Sean out of his fall jacket (with a sweater underneath) into his winter jacket. It's sized 12-18 months and he looks a little lost in it, but it's cute. Today we had our first real snow fall, so it was nice. But now I'm missing my winter boots, so if I can't find them soon, I picked up a new pair while out today, but I'm not sure if I really like them enough to keep them.

It didn't take long for the little man to fall asleep in the car.... without fail, he always falls asleep in the car - sometimes just the block before we get home, but today, he got a good nap while I was running errands. Stopped by the old house to pick up a few things in the freezer that I'd left in the fridge that we didn't take with us, etc.

I really hope to get some knitting done soon. Tomorrow night is knit night, so I'm leaving Sean home, and hope to get some rows done on my nephew's Drive-Thru Sweater.

I found some patterns I want - but I will have to wait to buy them. On my list are: Anne Diamond Socks, Lisette, and the Cabo Hoodie. Due to the move and all, it's not a priority right now, but they are definite wants. I'd like to add the PDF's to my collection to have for when I get to knit them! I also need to find where my charger to my palm pilot is - so that I can use my palm pilot again for reading patterns instead of carrying around paper with me. My palm pilot is just so much more convenient!

Off to unpack a few more boxes and then hit the sack.... slowly but surely things will start to look like normal around here!


Amy said...

I always keep candied ginger with me if I'm going on a long road trip and not driving. A friend of mine in high school started me on this, and it was my life saver on Band trips.

Sean looks so cute all bundled up!

Have a great Turkey day!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you found something to help you feel better! I love ginger and ginger candies, and if you go to the mall where the Wool Shop is, in Papillon (the bulk store) they sell 3 kinds of ginger candies- hard candies, a ginger/apple chewy candy, and a ginger/nut chewy candy. I have all 3, I love them!

Ginger tea is also amazing for when you're feeling icky, if you can find the ones that have only ginger in the bags they're the best. (Or you can buy fresh ginger, grate it and make tea from that so you know it's natural).

Mmmm...pickled ginger. You just reminded me that I haven't had sushi in ages!

Tara said...

I'm using Lanas Puras fingering weight for Cluaranach (the same yarn for the Cabo Hoodie). It's great.

g-girl said...

ahhh, I should've thought of that--ginger. I love it to pieces! There's also ginger preserves. I'm with jennifer--there's some ginger tea that you can get or you can just steep the ginger yourself--though I have to warn you, this might be dangerous as ginger tends to be potent in small quantities! I've done it before.