Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November 27 of 30

This morning I woke up to what I thought was a nightmare. My tenant called me to let me know that water was spraying out of a pipe on the outside of my duplex. Just my luck! Two days before the sale of the house, and a water pipe burst! All that was going through my mind was the horror of what would happen to the sale should there be any damage. You see, I now live about 20 minutes away from my old place, with no traffic. With traffic, it could take me up to about 45 minutes to get there. I packed up Sean so fast this morning, and dropped him off at my mother's house. I was supposed to be dropping him off there anyhow, because she was going to watching him while I got my winter tires put on my car, as well as go to the duplex to clean up for the new owners and so that it would be tidy for the "walk-through" that they asked for.

So I ran to the duplex. I think I did make it there in about 20 minutes. I called my tenant back who'd called me and had him explain to me exactly what he saw, and exactly what he tried to do. They tried to shut it off, but it wouldn't. After hearing which pipe it was, and getting there to confirm it, it was just a garden hose pipe, that was spraying EVERYWHERE. Thank goodness the driveway slopes down and drains. It wasn't so bad. Jamie had taken off the hose for the winter (from the pipe) as we normally do every winter, and then we guess instead of turning it off, he turned it all the way on. So it got built up in the pipe and perhaps due to the weather, it decided to start gushing out water. No big deal. The shut off valve is in the laundry room, that's why they couldn't turn it off without me there. You need access to the house.

This is the window that is on the side of the house near the garage. As you can see, the garden house is off for the winter.

This is s close up of the window. My tenant tried to turn off a piece, which resulted in the connection piece to come off, as you see it sitting on the window ledge. They honestly should NOT have touched it!

And it wasn't even spraying from the end of the pipe. You see I drew lines from where it started, and it wasn't at the end. It was where the white ends before the darker piece in the pipe. But the pipe is okay, it was because it wasn't shut off.

Water did leak into the house, but don't worry, it's nothing serious, and water dries. What entered where the exhaust exit is for the dryer machine in the laundry room. Above, the pink lines show how far it sprayed, and it covers the exhaust for the dryer. Some water dripped down the wall inside, but the wall is concrete, there will be no further damage than just water.

To make matters worse, one of the neighbors called the new owners to tell him there was a burst pipe on the outside of his new home. So he ran over. Oh my! There was no reason for that! He doesn't live there yet, and he doesn't own the house either!!!

But, the good thing is - that because he was there, they did the "walk-through" he requested, and was very satisfied. He even thought certain rooms looked larger because "my stuff" wasn't in there! (Yeah, I admit, my office had a LOT of stuff in there, but also it's my business office, right?) So now I feel a lot better that it's all taken care of. My mom and I don't even have to run downtown on Thursday for the signing of the house, since the office they are using is the same office I used to buy my new house, and one of the three notaries there lives directly across the street from my parents. He also has an office around the corner from my new house, so we're going to his office near us to sign tomorrow night for the house. I am sooo excited to have this all over and done with. The new owners were also pleased to find one more pipe in the ground in my crawl space, that was hidden by my bookcase, as they want to turn it into a bathroom. I knew there was potential to do so when I bought the house, but we were not planning on spending that money for that renovation. Anyhow, the real estate agent was certain there was all the plumming already set up in there, but when they came to see the house originally there was only 2 stalks visible. But empty with nothing in there at all - there was all three! And that made their day! They thought they'd have to spend another 1-2 thousand dollars to dig up the concrete make the last stalk (you need one for the toilet, one for a shower an one for the sink), but now they don't have to! Phew!! That was the icing on the cake today. REALLY!

After they left I ran two errands and then headed back to the house to meet the locksmith. I changed the locks on the duplex, (as I wanted the same key system on my new house) and then he followed me back to my new place to put the locks on here. I then finally went to have my winter tires put on my car, and that's all taken care of.

Winter Tires - check.
My passport - check. (Though waiting for it in the mail)
Sean's Social insurance number - still have to do

My "big list of things to do" is just about finished. Just Sean's SIN is the next thing to take care of. Maybe next week. This week is just begun, but is full of stuff!

So that was my day today.... ! I'm now beat!

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Bea said...

oh my! What a day! I'm so glad everything turned out so well!

Summer said...

Glad it wasnt anything serious!!!