Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12 of 30

I managed to get 2 full truck loads today in my mom's 4x4. Today was the only day I have her truck this week, maybe on Friday if I'm lucky. Our duplex is getting very empty, which feels good, because there is still stuff here, and I just need to get through this week and make it til Saturday. Saturday is the big moving day, when the big moving truck company we hired comes and brings our furniture over to the new house, and we'll be officially living in our new house. I am very excited to get the heck out of this house, let me tell you. Knowing I'll be in a single dwelling home, and not attached to other people, as well as not having to share our driveway, oh, I'm very excited about that - let me tell you.

I am behind on my blog reading. I am behind on my emails. I do try to sit down and email back a few at a time, but with the move, it's getting to be harder and harder. Also - being in my first trimester of pregnancy, I am EXHAUSTED. I forgot what the first trimester is like. And moving doesn't help the situation.

Tonight I went to pre-natal aqua, and it was nice to get into the pool. Tomorrow I hope to make it to Sean's swim class, as we missed last week due to having to be at the new house. However, since getting home from this class, I'm beat. Sean just fell asleep (as we watched Heroes on tv tonight) and I'm going to go crash in a few minutes. Heroes was f-ing good tonight. Wow!

I am thinking about perhaps attending the Montreal Knitting Guild meeting tomorrow, but I don't know what is going on tomorrow. Jenn's trying to convince me to go - and I definitely want to - I just don't know if I'll be tired or what. Also - I don't know what's happening with Sean or Jamie, so I need to plan that out as well.

With moving right now, I find myself taking less and less pictures, but I'll definitely take some tomorrow. I promise! The basement is just about done, so I'll show a progress photo of that. No knitting got done today, so no progress report on that. I do want to decide 100% what colors I will be doing my nephew's Drive Thru, so I can start on that, Xmas will be here before I know it.

I have some new products to load into the shop in the upcoming week - I hope to find some time in between moving boxes. There is some awesome stuff I know you will all just love. I am very excited about it myself!

I do have to tell you that the December Sock Club kits are for sale. The dyer this month is Dyed in the Wool Handmade, our very own Maggie from Toronto. She's a genius with the dyes and we are very lucky to have her dying the December club kits. Better snatch yours up fast before they are all gone! The kits will be on sale until December 1st, 2007, going out in the mail mid-December.

Off to go catch some Zzzz's....


Tara said...

Hang in there! And take a break after Saturday! Sheeesh!

g-girl said...

go get some rest!!! don't worry about being behind on blogs/emails. take care of yourself first. :)