Monday, November 05, 2007

November 5 of 30

This morning I was up early as I went to bed early last night. That is rare. I felt so awake at about 5:30 am today when Sean got up for a bottle. I let him have a bottle and I proceeded to do some work in my office. He napped on a blanket in my office, and I got a lot done. After his nap, we played for a bit, and then we took a little nap together, I pretty much just shut my eyes and thought about the 400 million things I have to do this week.

Today I dropped Sean off at my parents house for a couple of hours while I went and unpacked a full truck at the new house. I still have my mother's truck until tomorrow morning. When I was done doing what I wanted to accomplish for today, I worked on my Monkey socks (which is coming along nicely in the self-stripping yarn (I really do like it), and waited on the alarm guy to come finish hooking up our alarm system. That's all fully in place right now, and I feel so much better in that department. Tomorrow the painting work starts, as well as some house cleaning from my mother's house keeper - whom I'm borrowing for a few hours tomorrow to help with the new house. The guy who is doing the paiting will also be doing a few other odd jobs around the house. I can't wait until that's all finished. He said he should have the painting done by the end of the week. Phew!

Some good news. We sold our house! The inspection condition was lifted, but they did come back and ask for a few bucks off the price of the house, which after hearing what they had to say, we negotiated and agreed on an amount. Basically the report says that the brick pointing has to be done (which is every like 30-4o years) and it's due to be done now, which will cost 8,000$. Also, there are 4 cracks in the house, each crack will cost 500$ to fix (2000$). Then there's about 2000$ for the Flue (spelling?) in the Chimney, which needs to be replaced. This all amounts to about 12,000$. They asked us to reduced the house by 5000$, my agent offered 3000$ and then we settled on 4,000$. I am not 100% happy about this.... but..... then on the other hand, if we don't sell them the house, then we risk having it on the market for however long, and then in that case we'll need to fix 3 bubbles in the roof, which would be an immediate threat if in the middle of winter we had a warm spell and it starts to thaw, it could leak into the house. If you're going to patch 3 bubbles, at that cost, you might as well repair the roof, which could cost between 2500-4000$ - depending on what company you go with. So, if I don't sell the house to them, I'm going to have to spend that money anyhow, so I might as well just give in, and not have to worry about the roof. You know?

...And the best part of this? They're taking our house on November 29th, 2007. We're getting rid of it 3 weeks earlier! Whooot! I no longer have to worry about collecting rent from my tenants, etc! I am so super happy about this. Let me tell you! Loving this! So we definitely need to be out of here by the end of the month. Which is totally fine by me. The earlier the better. I really didn't want to own this place that we're currently in longer than I had to. One less month of mortgage to pay, one less month of bills to pay in 2 houses.... I'm really happy about this. And it's all because the person they want to come in to renovate, can't after Dec 18th, but can as of November 30th. I totally don't mind.

I absolutely hate this time of the year, my skin doesn't like this weather. The skin on my fingers are all cracked and I keep moisterizing with no luck. Anyone have any advice as to a good solution to keep my fingers happy? My thumbs are killing me!

I want to post a picture of those monkeys I've been working on, but my office light (which is a good light for photographing with no flash) is now dead. I'm not replacing it before moving, because it's a crappy light with a very expensive lightbulb, so I'm just using my lamp in here until we move. The new owners are renovating down here in the basement so I'm not spending money on two tubes for them to just take it down and put up something a lot nicer. So, the lighting in here ain't so nice right now for photographing. I'll take a picture at the new house tomorrow of them.

Alrighty, tomorrow is a super big day, and I've got a knit afternoon with some friends, which I'm looking forward to. Hopefully Sean will let me knit - if not it'll just turn into a gossip afternoon, which I'm fine with.

So much to do! So little time. And I better get my passport renewed, I have until November 21st, when it expires. I better get on that.

I've also got in a ton of new products for the shop, but those will have to wait a few days before I can get it posted. Once I have time to breathe again, everything will go smoothly!


Lindsey said...

CONGRADULATIONS on selling the house! what a weight lifted i am sure! i keep planning this wonderful craft room in my head, so i can't wait to see what you plan on doing with your office and craft area!

Shelley said...

Congrats on selling the house! You must feel so relieved about more worries about it or the renters, etc.

Amy said...

Congrats Robyn!

Jennifer said...

Yay! Congrats on the house! And for the end of Nov...that's amazing!

For your hands, I always like Udder Cream. You can get it at the Wool Shop, it looks like it is for cows...'cus it is!

Emily said...

That's so great about the house, congratulations. I can't wait to see your Monkey socks too, I've been pondering which yarn to do them in..

Tara said...

Hurray for the house! You must be so happy that it's finally over and done with, and they take it earlier, to boot! Looking forward to seeing the new digs this afternoon :)

Bertha said...

Oh wow! I am so happy you sold the house! That must be a huge relief!

Robin said...

Congrats on selling the house! I would have done the same thing to get the deal done.

Barb said...

Congrats on selling your house!! can't wait too see Monkey pics, is'nt that such an addictive pattern??

Amanda said...

J's hands crack and bleed all winter long - I have him "on" this:

Keep one in your purse, one by each sink, and one by your bed. To repair, put it on last thing before bed and when you get up in the morning. Every time you wash your hands / use hand sanitizer, put it on right after - all of that dries your skin VERY badly.
I've repaired painful hands for 4 winters now, so I swear by this one. ;)

Laura said...

Hey Robyn-
Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector- if you want some, I'll send it your way. It's AMAZING. It works WONDERS for any sort of hand issues!

Congrats on selling! I'm so excited for you! No more tennants, no more landlord're all good!

g-girl said...

yay, so glad to hear your house sold!!! :) And that you'll be out of the duplex come the end of this month. What luck. Congratulations! :)