Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 10 of 30

Yesterday we got stuck in traffic for over an hour and a half, of what was supposed to be a 3 and a half hour drive. So we left the house near 3pm and got to where we were going around 7:15pm. I think this is the longest time it has ever taken to get to Jamie`s sisters house. Jamie drove, and it was bumper to bumper but stop and go. This stop and go made me nauseous for almost the entire drive, that I got no knitting done. Oh well. Not sure if the neausea is pregnancy related, but that is wat I am going to blame it on.

Today was my nephew`s 5th birthday party. A good time was had by all. I cannot believe that he is 5 years old already. A good example of where does time go?

Everything is chilled and relaxed here, besides about 6 kids running around screaming (not too sure how Sean is sleeping through this all, but he is).

Tomorrow is back to the grind of moving. I have a couple of things to do to check on the new house, so I am going to do another load or two over there. Gotta get everything out by Saturday, which is moving day. The less there is for the movers to move, the cheaper it is to pay them. At 105$ per hour, I want it to take the least amount of time as possible.

As much as I like being in the country, I am very excited to be back home tomorrow in the city. I will love it even more when I am back at home in the suburbs. But for now, I will take the city. Off to go knit a few rows on my monkey socks, I am driving home tomorrow, so there will be no knitting in the car for me.


kristo said...

Okay, so how did I miss your pregnancy post!!?!? I just went scrolling down through your previous posts to find it. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Shelley said...

Have a safe drive back home!

Tara said...

Don't worry, the nausea will pass (you'll find that most of your first trimester symptoms will be more pronounced the second time around, because you just don't have as much time to rest as during your first pregnancy).

g-girl said...

oh no..sorry to hear about the nausea and the traffic. :P goodness, $105/hr for the movers??