Saturday, November 24, 2007

November 24 of 30

This morning upon waking up to the phone, Jamie asked me to come over to the old house to help him finish packing the leftover kitchen stuff so that we could get everything out of there. He also ran out of boxes, so needed me to bring him some. Going in there with the place empty is so weird. It also started smelling kind of funny (or maybe that's just my crazy pregnancy sense of smell), without us living there. When someone is living somewhere, it tends to smell good of cooking, and of "your" aroma. But because there was no one living there for a while already, it started smelling of "empty house". If that makes any sense at all!

But I feel good (and tired though) that everything is finally out of there. I think there is one or two things still left there that I've forgotten, but I will make sure to check on that when we got to take our Abloy locks out of the door (and replace it with cheaper locks). (The locks on the door can only have keys made if myself or Jamie sign for a new key, at a specific place - you cannot go anywhere and have the key made for a spare, so the key is useless to the Rabbi who is buying my old house).

I am very excited to not be a landlord anymore as of Thursday morning. I want to be free of that responsibility. It had it's good moments, but it also had it's pain in the arse moments too.

Tonight we went out for Chinese Food and it really hit the spot. I absolutely love Chinese Food. My favorite items are wonton soup, and chicken fried rice (with spare rib sauce on top). I could eat both those items, along with egg rolls (with plum sauce) on a daily basis. Oh deliciousness!

This evening we kicked back and watched about 4 weeks worth of Survivor, that we'd saved up from not having enough time to watch Tv lately. We're still 1 week behind on that show. We've got about 4 weeks worth of the show Weeds (which is what's left of the season because the season is over) and we're about 3 or 4 hours behind on Prison Break. I think that's all Jamie & I have to watch together. Myself, I'm behind one episode of Pushing Daisies (I love the Pie Hole!) and about 3 weeks behind on Private Practice (or it may be 4). I love TV but usually can't watch when the show is actually on. Especially not with the move. But now because of the writer's strike (is that still going on?) I can now catch up on Season 7 and 8 of Law & Order: SVU (the only spin off I like the characters on). (I believe they are on Season 9 right now) but I stopped watching it when we moved from our apartment to our duplex, as time just got away and I don't know why I lost interest. But I do want to catch up.

Two movies are coming out this week that I want to see, The Namesake and Waitress. Has anyone seen them? And? I also want to see Mr. Bean's Holiday because Mr. Bean is funny! Those three come out Tuesday.

This Wednesday for th Starz & Stroller movie, they're playing both Enchanted & August Rush. I really want to see both, but I want to see Enchanted more. I'm going to make a date with Jenn & Jakob to meet up with them to see the movie. I'm also emailing my new neighbor (around the corner), whom I took pre-natal aqua with last year, her son is a month younger than Sean to see if she wants to come to the movie also.


Laura said...

Hey Robyn!
Waitress is GREAT! Doug and I saw it as a "date" afternoon last year on our anniversary. It's a completely amazing film. High marks for that one!

We also saw bee movie today! HILARIOUS! Isaac laughed his tush off! Another high marks!

hope the ginger is doin gthe trick. The preggie pops never worked for me!

AliP said...

Never saw either movie but Waitress was on my list to see at the theater except it only played at one theater that I know of in Montreal so I never got to it in time. LOve Nathan Fillion...ooooh... But it had a nice plot so I will be renting for sure. I have heard that Keri Russell is surprisingly good in it and that Adrienne Shelley must be a very skilled director to get this level from a TV actress. So sad about Adrienne though.

Robin said...

On the "catching up on shows" comment - I just got into Private Practice so I had missed some of the previous episodes and hadn't Tivoed them. They are actually available for free on ABC's web site, through their free player. They go back about a month.