Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November 6 of 30

I did NOT get enough sleep last night. I tossed and turned until 3:30 am, I just couldn't fall asleep. I was wide awake. So of course, because I only went to sleep around 3:30 am (that's the last time I saw the clock), Sean got up at 5:30 am hungry. So, I got up and gave him a bottle. Those middle of the nights are my responsibility, since I'm still on maternity leave, and Jamie has to get up to go to work. I got Sean back to sleep, and was able to sleep until my alarm went off at 8 am. That started off my day wrong.

I loaded up the car in the driveway, and then took Jamie's parking spot in front of the house. I needed to finish loading up my mom's truck, which I still had on loan this morning, and I could have sworn that the street cleaning signs didn't exist anymore after November 1st to March 1st. I was wrong. It's December 1st until March 1st. So not only did I get ONE parking ticket on my mom's truck, I got TWO tickets. I had told Angela that it was okay to park Jamie's car in front of the house as the street cleaning signs weren't in effect anymore due to it being after November first. Grrr.... So now I have 2x 42$ to pay the city. In the 2 and a half years we've lived on this street I did not ONCE get a parking ticket. The week we're moving out, I get TWO! I'm laughing about it, but still.... there goes some yarn money!

I later on learned that I never closed the garage door when I parked on the street this morning. Jamie told me that when he got home from work, and went in the garage to get a tool from his tool bench, the door was wide open. Not only was that wide open, but the door to the inside of the house was unlocked. (Though I did put the alarm on when I left the house, so should someone of entered, the alarm would have gone off as there is a contact on the door from the garage into the house. The reason I didn't close the garage door is because I didn't have the clicker with me in my mom's truck, it was in the house. I had every intention of doing it from the inside of the house, but forgot by the time I got into the house (lack of sleep). (I can't close the garage door from inside the garage if I want to exit, because there is a sensor bar on the garage at about knee level, if you pass it, it bounces the garage door back open. (So if your car is in the way, it won't close the garage door and harm your car, etc).

I left my house after packing it up and packing Sean up and went to the new house. I had to let the cleaning lady in, and also meet the painter/handyman. The painter/handyman will also be completing my Yarn Room in the basement when he's done painting two bedrooms and the basement.

Here's what he started today after he was done plastering (just to show you the color):

Our bedroom is going from yellow to a taupe-grey color. The carpet in my bedroom is grey, as well as my bedding set (black, white and grey). I am loving the new color on the wall. He said he should be done the bedrooms tomorrow.

And Seans' room is going from an off-white/beige color to blue. It's going to look so nice. I hope he likes blue!

I took a nap late morning in my sleeping bag with Sean at the new house on the spare bedroom floor. I don't have couches there or anything yet, so I had to make do. Sean needed a nap, as he'd been up since early and didn't have a nap. The spare bedroom is the only carpet I've steam cleaned so far, so I didn't mind cuddling in a sleeping bag on the floor. I've turned the spare bedroom into a temporary play area for Sean (for while we're at the new house before moving in). I hope to make a play area for him either in the basement or in the living room that we do not have any furniture for yet (until we get furniture for it).

This afternoon, I had Jenn, Tara & blogless-Kate-the-enabler come over. Jenn brought Jakob, and Tara brought Maxime. Kate's due any day now, and looks ready to pop. Kate brought some cranberry hot chocolate, and I can't wait to try it out. Tara brought some brownie squares that were ever so delicious! It was nice to have them over, and give them a tour of the new house. I have a fully functional kitchen, so we sat in there, and talked and some of us knit. I got to knit 1 row on my monkey sock. (Picture coming tomorrow, I promise, I forgot to take one today).

Today was quite the day. It just seemed long. Lack of sleep maybe? This evening I made dinner and we watched last night's Heroes. I'm working on the stitch markers for the November Sock Club kit, which will be going out in the mail next week.

Tomorrow is quite the long day as well. I need to be at the new house for 8 am, to meet the painter/handyman and the plumber (for some upgrading faucets, gaz line for my gaz stove, as well as a new sink in the kitchen (A bigger one!)). Then I need to run back to my old house to get an estimate from a moving company, as well as have the bank for the Rabbi who is buying my house to come see that their mortgage application is not a fraudulant one. Yep, the bank actually has to do a walk-through of the place. Then go back to my new house and hang out in the area until my brother & grandmother's birthday dinner. They share a birthday, so we're going out to celebrate. (I better go wrap presents!) So I'm going to go check on my laundry (not sure how - but I managed to get about 5 or 6 loads done in the last 2 days. I feel like super mommy and super wife lately... things just are getting done, and I'm not sure how!)

Hopefully even though long, tomorrow will be a better day.


Mathgirl said...

I must be getting overtired. Your talks of "packing Sean up" is giving me images of boxing him up and taking him to the new house, lol.

Shelley said...

LOL @ mathgirl's comment!

Wow, you are super busy! I don't know how you're getting it all done so quickly...well it seems quick though I'm sure it doesn't feel that way for you (re the painting, cleaning, etc.)

Tara said...

You are indeed Super Mommy of late. I feel great when I get one errand done in a day, let alone eleventy-billion! :)

Amy said...

You have to get up in the morning and work too!

Karen said...

Be happy the tickets didn't come in Brooklyn - I got one parking ticket and it was $125 - and that was for a rental car :-(

Amy said...

I hate nights when I can't sleep. I love the colors you've picked out for the bedrooms!

g-girl said...

hope you were able to get a good night's sleep in preparation for your long day today! sounds like things are moving along. I can't wait to see what the new house will look like once you're all settled. Now I'm guessing the leather couch that's used as a scratching post will finally go?