Monday, November 19, 2007

November 19 of 30

I seriously have nothing to report today other than a LOT of laundry got done, my sister helped me out by watching Sean and even folded some laundry for me (thanks sis!)

A guy working on my parents house came and installed an electrical outlet in my kitchen under the sink so I can hook up the garborator as well as the instant hot water. He tried hooking up my gas stove, but it was missing a piece so I had to call the plumber. My gaz stove is now up and running - I can start cooking again! (Though my kitchen is still a disaster from moving in!)

I finally got groceries done today, and found a local grocery store near here that is WAY cheaper than the grocery store that I'm used to going to (near my old house). I like better prices - works for me.

There is some progress in Sean's room, and also the kitchen, but everything is still a disaster. I expect it to be like this for a while.... Rome wasn't built in a day! But it's stressing to have things everywhere and certain things to not know where they are!

What's up with this writers strike?? Heroes is ending in two weeks? And no 24 in January?? Argh! Really?? That sucks... I guess I'll be catching up on some movies we have on DVD that I've been wanting to watch.... instead of watching TV (I'm a TV junkie). Though, I'm VERY disappointed that my seasons that I watch will be cut short. I wonder if that means that Reality tv will be cut too?? Do they have writers for those?


Bertha said...

I will seriously kill myself or someone else dead if there is no 24 in January. From what I read in the paper, reality shows will not be affected since they don't really have writers (just like, editors and producers and stuff), so at least I'll still have American Idol. Sigh.

Tara said...

I think we'll ONLY have reality shows come January if this strike doesn't wrap up soon.

AliP said...

Oh Gods say that ain't so!!!
Not a fan of reality TV. I like me some good ol' plausible situations /dialogue/ emotions like on science fictions and sitcoms. Reality TV is INSANE! As in those people really are crazy. And scary crazy not "oh isn't that cute he/she thinks she/he is the president/chicken/Marilyn Monroe/Anti-Christ" crazy.