Thursday, November 08, 2007

45 Weeks

45 weeks. Today was PJ day for Sean. I wish I could have stayed in my PJ's all day. We just chilled out today. Upon getting to the new house (after getting rid of Jamie's old Jetta at the dealership - finally out of our hands), Sean and I pretty much took a long nap. I needed it (been very tired lately, I'm sure pregnancy related) and it doesn't help that we're in the middle of moving either! I have a sleeping bag on the floor in the baby's room (the only carpet I've steam cleaned since getting possession of the house) (Sean's room has no carpets and has been painted right now) and so we napped in my sleeping bag with me using Eeyore as a pillow. He's very comfy.

Sean has been standing. For more than 5 seconds. I caught him on film today (still not video).

I don't think he realizes that he's standing on his own yet, because when he does, he drops the knees and plops himself on the floor.

The guys painting the house started on the basement today, but accidently started with the light color on the bottom, when I asked for the darker beige on the bottom and the lighter beige on top. There is a moulding around the room, which I want to remain white, but that seperates that light from the dark paint I chose. (Well, not dark dark, but slightly darker than the light shade I picked out. They will have to re-do what they started in there, but it's not big deal. It was only 1 coat, and it was only 2 of the 4 walls. No big deal. The plumber also finished his work today. I love that the plumber does a good job, but NEVER cleans up after himself. Grrr.... NEVER! It's such a bigger mess right now because of that.

Tonight I sat on the couch and watched Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy as I watched Sean tire himself out playing in the den with all his toys. After Grey's Anatomy I put him to bed and I'm going to do the same myself now. I didn't knit a stitch tonight, I just felt like staying fixated on the TV and Sean and nothing else. Hopefully the first trimester will pass quickly and I'll get my energy back soon!


summer said...

That is so great that Sean is standing on his own!!! Good for him!!!

Adorable pictures!!!

Bertha said...

June has been doing the exact same standing thing for the last 4 or 5 days but I haven't been able to capture it on film yet! I too think she doesn't realize she's doing it because after 5-15 seconds, she looks a little startled and either grabs onto the closest thing, or carefully lowers herself to the ground. They'll be walking before we know it! (nooooo!)

Tara said...

Ah, a PJ day. I miss those!!!

sharon said...

That's what you need sometimes - a day of nothingness (besides the basic parenting and house moving stuff. TAke your time as two does double the work.