Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 14 of 30

Yesterday when I got Sean is library card, he got a free book from the Library. It was a Caillou doll with a story book on it's back. The pages are hard, which is good, because Sean eats books right now. It was very nice of the library to give him a book. (On a side note, I love how clean my new kitchen looks!)

Today I visited the dentist with my brother & sister. We make it routine to go together, no reason, but this way, it's easier on me, for them to watch him while I sit in the dentist chair. Sean won't be going there for another year or two, (between age 2 and 3) though, I put him in the chair for a test run.

Of course he had to touch everything. I got to him before he put the suction thingy in his mouth!

No cavities for me. I don't have and hope to never have. I take pride in that. Clean mouth for me! Though, I could get better at that flossing thing. Ugh.

Today I checked up on the new house, things are going well there. Did another drop off of stuff, my old house is getting very empty, which is good. I want to try to take as much as possible before Saturday. The less amount for the movers to take, the less I have to pay them 105$ per hour. I really hope it does NOT take them the 9-11 hours that they estimated that it would take! Eech! But whatever it costs it costs, because I certainly can't lift heavy things being in my first trimester (or if I was in any other trimester period) and I don't want Jamie pulling his back... he's been having issues with his back lately, and I don't want that!

My yarn room has GREAT progress, I'll take pictures tomorrow. I couldn't get in there today as the floor was painted grey, so I couldn't step in to take a picture. Tomorrow!

Tonight Angela came over and we watched some TV and knit. I am stressed now though, as I got NO packing done tonight. Grrr. My bad. I better get up super early tomorrow to get some done. I am thinking about getting 2 loads done tomorrow. We'll see. Tomorrow night is my last night sleeping in the old house. Friday night I'm crashing at my parents house, so that Saturday Sean can sleep in there (as his crib will be taken apart already for the movers) and I need to be at the new house early Saturday morning for the cable and internet company that told me they will be there anytime between 7:30 am and 5pm. Watch my luck, they'll either show up at 7:30 am or at 5pm. I need to be at the new house anyhow, so it's no big deal. It's just freakin' early.

I am sooooo very excited to be out of this house already. I am done being a landlord. I am done having people walking over our heads. I can't wait to be free of all that. I can't wait to be living in my single dwelling home with peace & quiet but the noise we make inside. Ah, the suburn life, I can smell it, it's soooo close.


Mathgirl said...

That sweater is way too cute on Sean! Let's hope he's that happy the next time he needs to go to the dentist :)

Shelley said...

Sean looks so adorable in his knitted sweater in the dentist chair! I love that sweater and the colours are great.

Congrats on the no cavities. Wish I could say that about me...I've had tons of them but the dentist told me long ago the enamal on my teeth is weak or something like it's easy for me to get them I guess. I detest going to the dentist...have to be pretty well knocked out to go - especially if it is going to involve having a tooth pulled, or even filled...

AliP said...

Back in the olden days, when I was a kid and fluoride wasn't in every toothpaste, I had cavities. I have 6 fillings left from back then and had 4 replaced in June. OH My GODS The paaaaaiiiin!!! (8 weeks before all was normal again) The first fillings were not so traumatic but replacing them sucked harshly. I still have two to go and am being all cowardly about it.
Sean is seriously handsome in that gorgeous sweater. I'm so glad your move is almost done! You will be so comfy in your new home!!

Kate-the-enabler said...

One day late - but I'm thrilled with the way your yarn room shelves are coming along for you - they look gorgeous - can't wait to see the more 'finished' photo today. Have a great last sleep at the old house tonight, and happy happy moving :)

Amy said...

Once again, Sean looks adorable in that sweater!

Tara said...

The drive-thru looks great on Sean! And wow! I've never had any cavities either!

g-girl said...

oh, the sweater looks adorable on sean! :) yay for no cavities!