Saturday, November 17, 2007

November 17 of 30

Today has been a super long day, but we're finally officially living at the new house. YEY!

Our moving company is the official movers for the Montreal Canadiens as well as the Montreal Alouettes. (As per the logos on the side of the truck). I 150% recommend this moving company if you are in Montreal and are planning a move. The guys were super awesome, and very careful with our stuff. They started off at our old house at 8:45 am, and finished up just before 5pm. It was a long moving day, and including travel time, it was 8 and three quarter hours to move us. pretty much 4 hours in and 4 hours out. (Plus travel time).

All the stuff you see piled in the garage, we'd done previous today. Also there was a LOT of boxes and stuff already in this house. They couldn't believe how much stuff we had already moved on our own.

Of course the cable guy didn't arrive today until 4:10pm. They had given me a slot of 7:30 am until 5pm to be home for them. It took the guy over 2 hours to do work, as he had to completely replace the internet and tv cables outside of the house on the pole, as they were completely destroyed. Wonder what happened there? Thank goodness I don't get charged by the hour for that service! I figured they'd either show up at 7:30 am, or last call of the day. Last call it was.

This morning also didn't start off so nicely. Just as the alarm guy showed up to install the rest of our system he took down from our old house, we had just lost power. I lost power for about 2 hours this morning, but thank goodness he had a power drill and was able to start working. Just not my morning! Especially since I couldn't sleep last night, and stayed up watching TV on my computer until about 3:30 am. I kept seeing shadows and was a little bit freaked out. First night alone in a new house, go figure! Tonight will be Jamie's and my first night together in the new house.

Let me tell you, I cannot wait to be 100% unpacked. There is stuff EVERYWHERE. To the point that I don't know where certain things are. The last time we moved, I labeled EVERY freaking box with a number and it got typed into a list, and the list told me where things were. This current move happened SOOOOOO darn fast, that things got packed, and nothing labeled. But unpacking will take me some time. A) Sean doesn't let me do things when he wants to play, and b) I find myself very tired lately (zonked, wiped out) from being in my first trimester.

Tonight we went out for dinner with my parents and it's rare that I cannot finish a plate of ribs after eating a salad. I'm finding myself very nauseous during this pregnancy. I didn't get nauseous once during my first pregnancy, but no two are alike. I find myself nauseous for three quarters of the day, and I'm really not liking it. Does anyone have any tips as I'm not really a cracker eater. Not really a fan.


Mathgirl said...

I offer no words of advice, just thoughts of support and encouragement *hug* I'm glad to hear you're finally moved in, one less thing to worry about. And, not that being nauseous is a good thing, but perhaps the pregnancy being really different is a sign that maybe you're having a girl this time? *knocks on wood*

CMF said...

Hi, congratulations on your news. I have never commented before but read your site daily. I thought I would give my advice: I was really nauseous with both of my pregnancies and what helped me the most was eating snacks or smaller meals throughout the day. It was when I waited to eat that it got worse. Hope that helps!

Stephanie said...

I had really bad nausea with this pregnancy, and all of these helped to some degree:

chamomile tea
peppermint tea (or candies)
not letting my stomach get all the way empty
avoiding triggers as much as possible (garlic was a huge one for me)

I hope it passes soon and congratulations!

Tara said...

Congrats! You're all moved in! Yay! Re the nausea, the first thing you might do is REST (I know, I've said it before, but still). Seriously, try napping when Sean naps, and, you know, not staying up until 3:30! :) Also, try eating small quantities throughout the day, I found that helped. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

When you go to the dr. ask him/her to prescribe you the morning sickness pill. I had morning sickness for 8 months. I wouldn't have survived without it! Unless things have changed from 6 yrs ago, this drug was safe to take. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name.

Shelley said...

I wonder if you have some very generous friends and family who'd be willing to come and help a woman with child unpack and put away her stuff...I mean, she shouldn't be lifting heavy boxes and stuff right ;o)...on a serious note, I hope you can find some relief for your nausea.

AliP said...

Good quality gingersnaps with actual ginger in them. Ginger is good for nausea. And cookies beat cracker hands down. Or you could try a tisane with ginger in it. Also, sometimes nausea is a response to low blood sugar so if you can, eat a bit of fruit like apples or something and have a wee lay down until the sugars regulate. The fiber in the fruit keeps the sugars from peaking too fast so I recommend whole fruit above juice. Worked like a charm for me. Never threw up once.

AliP said...

Oh..and with any medicinal herb, culinary or otherwise, moderation is key to safety during pregnancy.

Jamie said...

Robyn congratulations on the move and the pregnancy. I understand feeling nauseous during pregnancy only too well.

I was sick for 6 months with my daughter and all 9 months with my son. Saving graces....eating small meals, figuring out the triggers (meat and bananas were two of mine) and drinking ginger tea. Also the air sickness bands are a true lifesaver. I was on the morning sickness pill but for me it did nothing....but I know some that it worked wonders on.

Good luck!

K. said...

I've heard that anything ginger is good for nausea. I also know that for me, biting into a lime wedge always works too! Hope you feel better soon!!!

Lucy said...

It stinks to be nauseous. I'm so glad to be just past 20 weeks. Lots of things I did have already been mentioned, as I feel sick all day during the first trimester. Small meals, lots of snacks, sucking on hard candy, lots of fresh air, naps, etc.

Something else that no one mentioned yet though - the prenatal vitamins always made me feel ill - until this time, someone had suggested asking for chewable ones when they write out the perscription. I don't know if it would help, but that one switch made it so i could take the vitamins and didn't feel quite so ill. Good luck!

Shelby said...

Congrats on your move! So exciting to get to put things in new places- I love that part.

As for the advice- the thing that completely saved my butt this time was acupuncture. I love it. I swore I'd never try it, until the IVF thing, and I did it throughout that (raises success rates), and kept up with it. One day I went in so nauseous I couldn't eat for the 4 days before, and I had my treatment. Then I promptly went to meet my husband and daughter for dinner at a burger place, where I ate a whole burger and fries. No problem. And I haven't had any nausea since then. It's really amazing.

Maggie said...

When I had morning sickness the only thing that helped me were Preggy Pop Drops (you can get them at Babies R Us) - they come in yummy flavors and they really worked (for about an hour usually). They got me through the toughest times so I could still function and go to work. Hope this helps!