Friday, November 09, 2007

November 9 of 30

This morning I went to check on our new house, as I had left a few things there that I needed for this weekend. It's my nephew's 5th birthday party tomorrow, and since it's a not really a short ride away, I needed to make sure I had everything I needed with me. For example diapers. I ran out here at our old house, and had a brand new box from Costco at the new house.

Progress on the basement is good! I took this picture to show you the difference in color. The old hot pink/lighter pink to the new beige and darker beige. The space you see here with the beige used to have a shelf thing hanging off the wall that was sooo hideous, we took it down. The wall needs some repairing and some moulding, so there is still some work to do, but here is the other wall that looks nice:

I really like the color that I chose for the basement. The room to the left is the furnace room, and the room to the right is my not-yet-transformed Yarn room. That will get done next week.
I finally booked the movers today, they'll be hauling our furniture to the new house next Saturday. Very excited about that. I can't believe how expensive it is to move. We've moved before, but never with this much furniture. It's a damn good thing we're doing the rest of the stuff, because it's disgusting how expensive it is with just furniture, and nothing else. I really hope that we do not move for many years to come.
I've also taken care of sending payment for the snow removal, very important! We've shared the payment for the last two winters with the rabbi next door whom we share a driveway with, but never been happy with the service. Each year it was someone different. Neither were good at what they day. This winter, I'm using the same service that my parents do, and I once babysat the guy's kids with my sister (many eons ago). So I hope to get good service this year! And a clean driveway and walkway.
Did you know that if you own a Canadian passport issued in the last 6 years and are a Canadian citizen living in Canada you can apply for a speedy passport? It's like drive thru at McDonalds for passports. That is good news to me, especially since I have a week and a half until my current passport expires. You don't need a guarantor, nothing. Just 2 passport pictures taken in the last 12 months, your old passport & payment. How fantastic!! No more standing in line!!
I should be able to check my email from my sister-in-laws house, so I'll be able to blog too, but not sure about photos. You may have to wait until Sunday for that, when we get back. I cant believe the little guy is turning 5! I have a 3-3.5 hour drive ahead of me, so I will hopefully get some progress on the monkey socks! Not sure I really want to bring along any other project.

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Shelley said...

Normally I don't care for beige colours, but your walls look great with those shades!! Can't wait to see your yarn room all done up.

When I got my passport, my friend and I drove up to Fredericton (capital of the province) and applied for it there. We got ours in 3 weeks. If we had mailed them in it would have taken 2-3 months at least...we didn't have that long to wait for them because we needed them to come over here to Korea.