Thursday, November 22, 2007

47 Weeks

Sean & mommy at 47 weeks. Our first self-portrait officially in our new house (in my master bedroom ensuite bathroom!) (I love having my own bathroom, but I find myself using the hallway main bathroom in the middle of the night, because honestly, being in my first trimester and having to pee four hundred times a night the hallway bathroom is closer to my bed....!)

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends. Canadian Thanksgiving was last month for us, but this year I didn't get to celebrate it - as too much was going on. (Next year!). So have some turkey for me please!

Today I ran out this morning to check something out, but was out in my pajamas. Sean was also. This was not bad, because I only had to go a few blocks away, but not good because I still don't have my winter tires on my car. They're still at my old house. Jamie's bringing them over on Saturday when he goes with a cube truck we are borrowing to get every last bit out of the old house. It snowed madly last night, and my winter boots were in the trunk of my car, and I could not find my car brush anywhere. Also - my trunk was frozen shut until my car heated up enough, so there I was outside in my sneakers & pj's (wearing a jacket of course), cleaning off my car. I could have sworn I left it by either the garage door, or the front door (to then put in my car) but this morning, it was no where to be found. I've searched everywhere.... and I cannot find it. (Pregnancy brain?) My car now is safely tucked into my garage, we finally moved every last box that was in there out. My office is over flowing with boxes, and unfortunately I couldn't make it out today to mail off the orders because it snowed even more, and it's not safe for me to drive without winter tires. I have summer tires on my car still. (I don't have all season tires). I hope to make it to the post office tomorrow.

Today, we had my mom's cleaning lady come and she helped make headway in my new house with cleaning. Sean's big boy room had the floors washed, so now I can put down these cool foam squares that I bought the other day with the alphabet on it down, so that I can make him a play area in his future room (once the baby comes - but until it's a play room!). The dinning room is now functional (floors washed and buffet shelves washed) so now I can put things away. We're having dinner guests tomorrow night, so at least that room is functional. I feel so much better now that a few of the rooms are starting to be functional, this house is slowly starting to feel like home. Though, I can't wait for the house to be 100% settled in. I'll definitely feel so much better of course! I hate clutter, and that's what I feel like mess is. (I know things haven't been put away yet, some rooms look like disaster). In time, I know! There is a bunch of things that I just don't even know what I want to do with or where to put! What is nice though, is going from a kitchen that was over crowded in the cupboard/pantry, to a kitchen that I don't even have enough stuff to fill! (SERIOUSLY! That's how much space I have!)

This evening Jamie & I cleaned up our bedroom - so that space feels better now. There is still a few things in there that need to be organized/arranged, but our walk-in closet is just heaven. I can't believe how organized it is in there. (I hope it stays that way!)

My nausea is under control with the pickled ginger. It's great how well that works! Really! Though, I didn't need much of it today. I hope to get out to do some groceries this weekend, and pick up some ginger tea - I wonder how that would taste. I'm also going to look into those Preggy Pop Drops I think they are called, as I have to do a return to Toys R Us, so I'll check out Babies R Us while I'm there (attached stores). I think I'll be good to go! Hopefully this nausea won't last long.

I also think I've managed to find my own cleaning lady to come to my house. Right now I've been borrowing my mom's lady. I need someone reliable, and who won't just fit me in when she has time (like my mom's girl). I have set up an appointment with the new girl for next week - so we'll see how it goes. I don't get anything done when Sean is awake (plus I'd rather spend time with him anyhow!) so, help is definitely much appreciated and wanted. I'm sure as I get further along in my pregnancy, chores will get harder to do (as I remember with my first pregnancy) and I am sure even harder to do with Sean around. I am not shy to admit that I want/need help with the daily household chores.

Being stuck at home today, I posted some new items to the shop (which I'm slowly doing right now). I've added to the Notions section. You've got Bamboo Knitting Marking Pins, Knitting Counter with Lock, Mini Bamboo Crochet Hook, Cable Stitch Holders 3pc, Memoric Heart Shaped Stitch Markers 20pc, and Memoric Stitch Split Markers 20pc. I hope to get a few more products up tomorrow or over the weekend. But for now, I'll leave you with those! The mini crochet hooks are great for picking up stitches - I've already got one in my little knitting kit that I take with me when I leave the house. In case a stitch is dropped! Always great to have a little mini bamboo crochet hook (for 1.80$!!) on hand!


Shelley said...

Wish I'd have known about those mini crochet hooks...I'd have ordered one of those in my order, lol.

Glad to hear the pickled ginger is helping your nausea. Hope the ginger tea helps too.

Good to hear you're starting to get things a little more organized and settled. I bet you'll be some glad when it's all done with and you can relax.

AliP said...

Whhheeeee. I have been waiting for those mini crochet hooks since you showed me it! I am going to do a weee holiday pack for my darling knitter pal back home. So glad you got them up. Off I go to order stuff.

Kimber said...

I was thinking how ginger makes me sick this time around (not with my daughter) and how lemon seems to be helping me this time (maybe a boy?).... I got my Preggie Pops at Motherhood Maternity (they are about $6.00 without taxes).

Hope the home gets settled ASAP!

Tara said...

I hope the interview with the new cleaning lady went well, and that you'll have some help from now on! I know my cleaning lady is a Godsend.

Kim said...

I've been reading your blog for a little while now and I guess it was just now that I realized you had an online knitting store! I'm in the US, do you ship there?

I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my first, luckily no serious nausea (yet). Changing my vitamins to the evening helped a lot. Now if somebody could help me with this breast tenderness....argh!

I love seeing all the projects you are working on - it keeps me inspired. My fiance just asked me exactly how many I'm working on (I only have 4 right now) and he thought that was ridiculous. So, I showed him your page ;)