Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 11 of 30

This morning I finally took out my camera and snapped some photos. I am not worried because my father-in-law took photos all weekend long, so I'll get copies of those. Here is Sean with his birthday boy cousin. They had a good time playing together this weekend.

Sean can climb stairs. I can't believe it. I've seen him do about 2-3 stairs, but never like 12. He climbed all the way to the top of the house, at my sister-in-law's place - and all 12 of them or maybe it was a few more than 12 stairs! He can climb down stairs too, but like 2-3 stairs, not 12 yet. I wouldn't allow him to climb down these stairs, they were kind of steep.

Sean's top teeth are poked through. One is growing faster than the other, but I'm sure the other will catch up soon. He really isn't my baby anymore, he's a big boy, with all the things he does.

I've decided I will be casting on another Drive-Thru Sweater, this time for my nephew for Xmas. He's fitting in size 5 right now, so I'll do it in size 6. I am thinking of doing it in Cascade 220 Superwash, as I have some in stock in the shop, and I do not have enough Lion Brand Cotton ease in my stash for a size 6 sweater, which is too bad. I hope to cast on this week, but with the move, I don't know if I will have time.

Today Jamie ended up driving home, but I was so tried, I slept almost the entire way back, so no knitting got done anyhow. I really do want to knit, I'm just either too tired, or don't have the time right now with the move unfortunately. Hopefully after next week, I'll start having more time to knit.

Tonight I've borrowed my mom's truck again as tomorrow is the ONLY day I can borrow it for the week, and the movers are bringing our furniture to the new house on Saturday. We are trying to move out as much as possible beforehand. Whatever doesn't come this week, we still have time, as the sale of our house isn't until the 29th. Tomorrow I will bring more stuff over, hopefully doing 2-3 loads to the new house. I also hope to make it to pre-natal aqua. (Back to pre-natal aqua now, not post anymore!)


Bertha said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe he can climb stairs?!! June is totally befuddled by stairs. We don't have any in our house for her to really come across so I guess it makes sense, but when we went to our friends house a couple weeks ago, she was in their den area, and to get to the rest of the house, you have to step up, like, 1 half stair and she was SO MAD that she couldn't figure out how to get over that one step. She would pull up on it and bang on it, but couldn't figure out how to lift her leg in such a way to climb it. It was pathetic to watch! Sean really seems to have it down!

g-girl said...

bertha took the words right out my mouth--I can't believe he can climb stairs either!!! that's awesome. :) And look at that lil tooth that's bigger than the other one. adorable. good luck with the rest of the move. hope you can have time to knit again!