Monday, October 01, 2007

October 1 of 31

There has been progress tonight on my father-in-law's Irish Hiking Scarf. Phew! His birthday is October 11th - I better get cracking. The hat that goes with this, won't take me long at all, that's for sure.... but the scarf, I've got a lot more repeats to do. A lot more. I have faith, I can do it! I'm putting down Sean's blankie project until his birthday gift is complete.

Today my sister watched Sean so I could get some stuff done. I love him to bits but he doesnt let me get any work done.

Tonight I went to post-natal aqua and our regular teacher wasn't there. I wasn't really impressed with the girl who replaced her, she didnt really do such a good job. I need to find out if there is aqua next week since it's the Canadian Thanksgiving, but our teacher said she still might hold the class. (I dont really celebrate Turkey Day). I am pooped from aqua class though.

Tonight I worked on the IHS (Above) while watching Prison Break (not sure I like Season 3, the first two seasons were better) and then Heroes.

I got my Cable Luxe Maxi pattern in the mail today, and I think I was over charged for shipping. First off, They charged me almost 5$ for shipping. It only cost them 2.25$ to ship and only because they shoved a HUGE ASS catalogue in with my 2 page pattern. My two page pattern, should have cost less to ship. Tomorrow, Lion Brand is getting a customer service email. I'll let you know what they have to say. Grrr!!! I wish it had been a PDF pattern too... then I wouldn't have had to pay shipping period.

I'm almost done figuring out my Blogaversary contest. I'm going to announce it in the next few days - STAY TUNED!


Joy L. said...

Such a shame you had to pay that much money for shipping for a pattern. That's weird since I was able to download the same pattern from the site directly.

I wasn't planning to cast this on for a while yet but of course, maybe I can be persuade to a KAL?

Anonymous said...


Finally Blogger is letting me post a comment!

I kove the grey of the Irish hiking Scarf, I can feel another knit joining my Ravelry to-do list...


g-girl said...

glad that you decided to pick up your fil's ihs! yay!!!! good luck with getting it finished in tiem. :)

Betsy said...

That picture looks very old-movie elegant :)

(No guarantee of coherentness of speaking, Betsy's brain dies at 10 pm.)