Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 30 of 30

Before mailing it off, I wanted to take a picture of what 60 mini cakes of yarn looked like. I am doing a swap as I said with Noricum for leftover blankie yarn, and this is two rows of 30 cakes. WOW! It's whatever it leftover from the yarn I plan on using and yarn I've already used, but I made sure there was enough for Sean's blankie and the other blankie for a possible girl if Sean ever one day gets a sister! (I kept all the pinks and stuff that was girlie to one day make a 2nd blankie). If Sean one day has a brother, I may be doomed! All good. Please note how I wrote "ONE DAY".....

There's been a LOT of progress on Sean's blankie. This is bad. Very bad. But good. I need to be working on my father-in-law's birthday gift. I really do not know why I'm procrastinating. I must stop procrastinating tomorrow.

This is square 29. A nice solid blue. No idea where it came from (someone's leftovers!) I've been super bad at documenting who sent what - but I've been thanking everyone for their donations!

And I present to you, square number 30.

And Square number 31.

Oh, and this is square number 32!

And number 33.

And for the finale for tonight, square number 34.
Yep, I've been busy knitting squares. Can you tell? Each take about 2 hours to knit. (Size 0 needles, and I start of by casting on 51 stitches and I decrease by 2 every other row!)

So... now that it's almost October.... who's going to Rhinebeck? I'm a square on Saturday's board! I'm also a participant. I guess I should start planning my trip with my mom. She's coming with - and we'll also be doing some shopping in Woodbury, NY and possibly Alabany, NY - but the details aren't organized yet. Gotta love the CAD dollar being at par now with the USD!

ps- I'm all caught up with all 150+ emails that were sitting in my email box waiting replies. It only took me about 4 hours to respond to them all, but I've managed to do so! Phew! There is still a few (handful) that are going to be replied to tomorrow. I'm beat, and want to get some sleep.


Amanda said...

That is some *serious* blankie progress!! Lookin' good!

I'm in for Bingo, too - I'm a player & a square on Saturday. :)

Tara said...

Again, I'm loving the squares. But you're quite the tease! Let us see a shot of the entire blankie!

Barb said...

Can't wait too see Sean's blankie done, it's looking great so far :)

Summer said...

The blankie looks great!! Cant wait to see the finished blankie!

Amy said...

So, how much does it take for each square (I think I misssed that somewhere) and how many squares is it going to be? It looks great too.

g-girl said...

wow. you've been on a blankie square roll! I'm with tara, let's see a shot of the entire blankie! exciting about rhinebeck. :) you better be working on your fil's scarf, missy!

noricum said...

You too, huh? ;) Ooo... I am one *lucky* girl! I've got 59 squaares worth balled up, and will be mailing them tomorrow. (Unless I feel guilty and try to figure out someting else to stick in as well! I do kind of feel guilty, since you're matching square for square (plus one!), but my squares are bigger.)

Oooo... Rhinebeck! *You're* lucky!!! (Wah! I want to go too! Dang boyfriend for dumping me! I got to go last year because he lives in NY.)

Jennifer said...

The squares look great! Yay for progress! (Of which I've had the exact lack of around here...) :)

Glenna C said...

::waves:: I'm a Rhinebeck-er too this year! I'm finally catching up on the Bingo participant list and will be sure to watch for you as a fellow player/square :)