Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 26 of 30

I'm behind on my emails. I'm behind on blog reading. Sean's going to my parents tomorrow and is actually sleeping over there since Jamie & I have pre-season hockey tickets to see the Habs play the Bruins (YEY!) so Sean will be babysat, and I should have time in the afternoon tomorrow to photograph some new products to go up in my shop, and catch up on blog reading & emails. So if you're expecting an email from me, I do apologize, it's coming! Promise!

This afternoon I went to go see Across the Universe (the beatles musical) and it was very trippy but awesome! What a great movie, and of course, the music was fabulous. I finished the square I started yesterday during the movie (they forgot to dim the lights all the way, which was fine by me - I got to knit!) but progress pictures will be here soon.

I received my Knit Picks order today.
1 copy of Knitting on the Road
1 set of Harmony Wood DPNs.
(I'll let you know how both are).
(The DPNs are not what I was expecting)

This evening I went to Walmart with Angela and Sean. It's Walmart's birthday, so there were some pretty crazy sales going on! I stocked up on panties (on sale!), chocolate (for Jamie), some shirts for Sean (he needed some 12 month size long sleeve shirst since it's now fall!) and some other stuff. Also I needed meat puree dishes for Sean as we'd run out of the meat dishes and I can't justify giving him apples (puree) for dinner. He needs substance. I also picked up a blow up cozy for the faucet in the bathroom tub. The last one wasn't holding the air (which I need to return - forgot to bring it with me tonight).

Sean was very vocal tonight in Walmart. And very energetic. Just have a watch!


Summer said...

That video of Sean is so adorable!! Love it when babies start to get vocal!! Babies are ver entertaining when they get vocal!!!

Andrea said...

As a rule, I generally don't like kids, but I like your kid. He makes me smile :D

I'm trying to figure out the picture of your needles. To me it looks like about 100 different coloured dpns in the case, how many did you actually get?

Amy said...

Sean is so adorable! Everyone here (my mom, sis, and friend) all thing he's cute!

noricum said...

Ah ha! Is this why you thought I didn't like kids? The above Andrea is someone else, not me. ;)

Oooo... harmony needles! I've been eyeing that set, but can't decide if they'll be too short. (I like my dpns on the long side, because I'm paranoid that the stitches will fall off.)

noricum said...

Whoa... the other Andrea is from Winnipeg too. Freaky. Now I know why you were confused!

Barb said...

i'm glad you finally got your book you've been wanting :) the DPN's look pretty cool!!

Drea said...

what a lil cutie. a da da da da! Sounds like my burgers! Taite favors the baba noises more tho or mama.

melcauble said...

What did you expect from the needles? I'm interested in your opinion because I'm thinking about buying them and maybe the circular set.

g-girl said...

cute video!! i loved seeing his eyebrows go up and down and that look he gave you when you said dada was @ home! tell us all about those needles!

Raesha D said...

We haven't seen Across the Universe yet but I'm hoping that we can on Columbus Day (no work for me and no school for hubby that day).

Andrea said...

Hmm, why don't I like kids? Lots of reasons but right now it's because the couple in the apartment beside me lets their kid shriek at all hours forever - and not crying but actually shrieking. And the neighbours above me let their kids run and stomp all hours of the night, above my head.

I guess I should not like parents because the kids are little to blame.