Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September 19 of 30

Yesterday I took some photos with Sean before I left him there with my parents for the night. We were both sad to part. (But we both survived).

Sean was a happy camper, and even got a new toy at his grandparents house, a new little bike.

This morning it was bumper to bumper traffic on the way to meet my mother and Sean at his playdate. We were invited to this play area for 0-5 year olds (Sean was free because he's younger than 1) and there was nasty traffic. So, what do I do in bumper to bumper traffic? I knit in the car. I hate traffic. But I love to knit. So it's a good balance!

Sean had a great time at the playdate. There was one baby 10 months old, and another one that was 7 months old, a little girl, that was WAY behind in development. She can't even sit by herself. (Sean was sitting by 5 months old). Her mother was amazed that Sean was pulling himself up to stand and walk around holding on, let alone amazed at his crawling. I find Sean advanced for almost 9 months old, but then again, what to compare him to? All babies are different and do things at their own pace. I just feel that Sean is about to walk, and he's not even 9 months old yet. But there are a lot of babies that do start things like crawling and sitting later, but this mother was concerned, because her 7 month old wasn't sitting yet. She knocks over and she can't even get herself back up. Sean was doing that I think by around 6 months old (just after he mastered sitting). I don't know if I will go back to the "playdate" through a group I joined, but I definitely will take Sean back to the place, because he had a good time. The mothers that were there, I really didn't want to hang out with them. Cuz really -what does Sean care for the other kids? It's a social thing for the mothers too, right? I just didn't really care much for them. And this other mother had her 16 month old there who was running around and knocking into the babies. I wasn't impressed.

After the playdate, we went to my parents house for lunch, and then eventually headed home. Sean was very cranky and I was glad that he fell asleep in the car on the ride home. However, that didn't last long and he was cranky for a couple hours more until I finally got him to sleep again for a nap around 4pm - which he slept for 2 hours (a much needed nap - and I got stuff done around the house!)

Angela met me at my place after her work, and when Jamie got home from work, we left to go knitting. Tonight was our regular knit night in NDG. I decided to work on my Father-in-law's Irish Hiking Scarf tonight, since my "deadline" came and went for Jamie's anniversary socks, (he told me there is no rush to finish them asap), so I worked on his dad's birthday gift. I need to finish the IHS and the do the matching hat. Or maybe I'll cast on the hat too, I haven't decided yet. I have a little less than a month to finish this, actually less than that - I want to give Jamie's dad his gift on Thanksgiving weekend (Oct 6th) at a party we're going to. So, I have about 2 and a half weeks to do these. I can do it! I think last time I finished Jamie's IHS in about 2 weeks, but this time I have more time to knit! I don't expect the hat to take me long.

In other news, I forgot to share what happened yesterday. In the morning before leaving to drop Sean off at my parents after our stroller walking group, I changed over my purse that I was using into my new purse that I got at Roxham at the Wool Gathering this past weekend. I put it by the door with Sean's diaper bag & overnight bag, and go to wake up Sean & change him. After waking up Sean and changing him, upon leaving Sean's room, I see Jazz (Jamie's black 15 year old cat) marking his territory on my new purse. FURIOUS, I have to put a hungry Sean into the playpen (thank goodness I had a bottle ready), and yell at the cat, and quickly clean off my NEW-NEVER-BEEN-USED-YET purse. Grrrr! That f-ing cat. I am NOT a cat person. And this explains why. Why did the cat pee on my purse? Is it because he's mad at me for something I did? Is it because he's old and losing his cat-mind? Is it because he's old and losing control of his bowels? Grrrrrrrrrrrr! MY.BRAND.NEW.GORGEOUS.PURSE. My mother gave me Gonzo, this great stuff that "makes pet stains disappear like magic!" (So says the bottle) and so far so good. Never fails. New item gets ruined before I even get to use it. Let's just say I'm mad at the cat. I refuse to give him any attention right now. I hope he never ever does something like this again. And if he does, he's going straight to (my cousin) the vet for examination. Not his fave place in the world.

So I've been thinking about my blogaversary contest, and I think I've got it all figured out. Details will be announced October 1st on my blog. Stay tuned! It's going to be a good one!


Tara said...

My daughter didn't start to crawl until she was 11 and a half months old, and didn't start walking until she was 16 months old. Usually when they're slow in one area (mobility), they'll be pretty fast in another (talking). Why move when you can just say what you want?

Marisol said...

Hey I love the new blog look!

And of course your little one is as cute as ever:)

Andrea said...

I was over at Robyn's Nest checking it out (love it!) and I saw those Scrabble tile earrings and I have to ask you if you made them or not because I've been trying to find a way to create holes in the darn tiles without splitting them and I need to know the secret :P

Andrea said...

I was using a small nail and hammer, did you use a drill maybe?

g-girl said...

too bad you didn't care too much for the mothers @ the play date you went to-but @ least you have a new place you can take sean! how's your fil's ihs scarf and hat coming along? hope you're closing in on the finish!