Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11 of 30

First off, HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY Jennifer!

Last night I was in bed by 11 pm (computer shut down, so there is no tempting to came back to it!) and was pretty much out cold in less than 5 minutes. I was zonked. I am going to try the same thing tonight.

Today, I received the 113 lbs of yarn. This is what 113 lbs of yarn looks like! It arrived in 2 potato sack thingies. I have not yet opened it (was running errands all day, but will take a look at it later tonight). Looks like it will be a slow process to uploading it to my site, but I'll let you know soon what it is!

This morning as soon as I was positive that the electronic store received my Wii - I ran there. I had some troubles picking up a 2nd console for my sister (she had to bitch out the Manager on the phone - but in the end she got one - something about 1 per family, so 1 purchase allowed). She does not live in my house, and was with me yesterday when we went to get them, and it was THE SAME salesman from yesterday. He was a jerk. Anyhow, we got the 2nd one for her (she had to work today) and tonight she came over to pick it up. More about my Wii later in this post.

This afternoon I met with my friend Elana at one of my fave restaurants for lunch. (Tasty Foods on Decarie - I heart their whole wheat pizza). Sean was given a piece of whole wheat sandwhich bread (sans crusts) and absolutely loved it. He devoured two slices on himself and on the floor. The waitress said to not worry, they had someone who sweeps the floors, so not to bother cleaning up after Sean. Boy did he make a mess.

I caught these really cute faces he made while eating the bread. I also love his bib. "My mommy loves me." Damn true, I do!

It was really good to see Elana again, this time more than just for a few minutes of chatter in our pre-post natal aqua class. Elana is the one who is 17 weeks pregnant. She was absolutely in love with Sean. I made her a diaper cake as a gift for her little one to be. I was sooo proud of my creation, it was my first time creating one. It was sooo much fun. Here is an almost finished view of what they looked like:

I forgot to photograph them upon complete finishing, there were some items added and some clear celophane added to enclose them. She loved it, which is all I'm happy about!

This afternoon Sean & I ran some errands. A few things to mail for Robyn's Nest, and also some things to pick up and I finally found a frame I liked to frame my autographed Cookie A Monkey Pattern that Rhoda got me. I will be hanging it in my office as soon as I can get Jamie to do so. (I hate my office walls, they suck for hanging things!) But here she is framed! Looks good!

To get yourself some Cookie A patterns - check out my shop here. I have them all in stock.

Tomorrow Angela is coming over to hang out with me for the day, she took the day off work after her doctor's apointment, and we'll be doing some knitting. Tomorrow night, we'll be going to Jamie's dad & step-mom's for Rosh Hashanah dinner. Looking forward to seeing the family & having good home cooked meals! Delicious! I don't have to think about cooking for the next 3 days, and I'm a-okay with that! Mmmm leftovers! Today Sean helped me pick out some gifts to bring to all the houses we're going to for Rosh Hashanah, and even a little something for his cousin Jakob for when we go to my aunt's house Thursday night for dinner.

Alright, shutting down my PC and going to sleep. I actually felt great today after going to be last night early and getting a good night's rest. Let's see if I can say goodbye to insomnia!


Shelley said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Sean looks absolutely adorable in those pics! I really love that second one of him!

The diaper cake looks awesome and I'm glad your friend liked it.

Wow..that's a LOT of yarn. Can't wait to see what you get. Do you have your site set up to take credit card orders that isn't on pay pal?

g-girl said...

i have to say it again--sean doesn't ever take a bad shot. these shots of him having the wheat bread--precious!!! I heart the second one! very cool diaper cake!