Thursday, September 27, 2007

39 Weeks

Sean is 39 weeks old today, and tomorrow he turns 9 months old. My big boy! I've already started thinking about his first birthday. Oh, I have ideas. And no, there will be no balloons. I am afraid of balloons. No balloons for me. Popping balloons freak the shit out of me. They are not my friend. I refuse to be near them.

This afternoon (later than expected) my mom picked up Sean and brought him back to her place. My parents are watching Sean tonight as Jamie & I had tickets to see the Habs play the Bruins. (Our first game of the season). We have 1 set of tickets per month until the end of the hockey season. (I love sharing season tickets!)

And yes, there was knitting at the game. I cast-on square number 28. Which I did finish by the end of the game! I will show pictures of Square 27, 28 and now 29 tomorrow. (I cast on square number 29 when we got home, while Jamie & I watched some World Series of Poker 2007).

Today I made a list of things that I wanted to get done while I had some free time after Sean left with my mom, but I didn't get all of is accomplished. (There's always tomorrow!) I have emails to catch up on, and blog reading as well. Laundry to do and other chores around the house. I'm hoping that I can get a lot of it done before I meet up with Sean again tomorrow (not sure if I'm picking him up, or my mother or father will be bringing him back here). But I miss the little guy!
Glad it rained today. It was way too hot for my liking around here.

Just a reminder that there is just a few days left of the Colinette Jitterbug Sale and a few spots left in the October Sock Club!


Caroline said...

Wow, you're seeing the Habs once a month? You're so lucky! I'll be seeing them on Dec. 11 (against Tampa Bay) and sometimes at the end of March against Ottawa.

Tara said...

The blankie is looking great. What a great idea to use leftover sock yarn!

Bertha said...

Oh man, such a cute picture! Happy 9 months, little dude!

g-girl said...

squaer 28 is so fall-like! :) cool. :) I forgot to say in my comment in your last post that I'm so glad to hear 'across the universe' was good! I hope to see it soon! wow, 9 months already. amazing! ;)

Jenny said...

Oh, I already miss my Avs tickets! I am not really a Bruins fan, but I may go to a game just to get my hockey fix!